Group of 13 autograph letters signed, mostly by 19th century artists, to Frederick W. Teague, Keeper of the Atkinson Art Gallery, Southport, Lancashire, offering pictures for sale or for exhibition, (6), several with prices, 2 further from Sir Frederic Leighton to the Mayor of Southport, 4 to artist Samuel Lawson Booth, 1836-1928, Mayor, 1897-1898, on artistic matters, including Chantrey's modelling tools which Booth is presenting to the National Gallery, and one part letter, together 16 sides 8vo, no date and 1883 - a few tiny defects


1. Richard Ansdell, (1815-1885, R.A., animal painter), to Teague, saying 'The Keepers Appointment' is 300 guineas, 1 side 8vo, Lytham Grove, St Albans Head, Kensington, 3rd March 1883.
2. Edward Armitage, (1817-1896, R.A., Professor at the R.A, historical painter), [to Teague], saying "Your agent has never called for ... 'the meeting of St Dominic and St Francis at Rome' which I promised to the Southport gentleman who called ... more than a fortnight ago. If the picture is to go I should like it taken away", 1 side 8vo, 3 Hall Road, St John's Wood, 22nd January 1885.
3. Philip Calderon, (1833-1898, Painter, Keeper of the R.A.), to Booth, saying he is "sorry to learn Mrs. [K.B.] Cussens is in such a sad state of health and of distress", he will gladly sign her application to the Artists' General Benevolent Fund, but the supporting letter "would come from you with more weight", 1 side 8vo, two neat filing holes in conjugate blank, Burlington House, Piccadilly, 10th March 1898.
4. Philip Calderon, last side of an autograph letter signed, to an unnamed correspondent, saying "... when you can show what feeling or humour is in you. In fact- be ambitious!" he is thinking of going "to Venice ... to have a look at good pictures before settling down to a winter's work", 1 side 8vo, no place, no date, circa 1885.
5. Alfred C. Cole to Booth, saying "I am so pleased with the pictures that I shall keep both of them myself", and talking about getting them glazed, 1 side 8vo., Comarques, Lenham Road, Lee, S.E., 12th December 1894.
6. Arthur Croft, (1828 - circa 1893, landscape and watercolour artist), to Teague, giving the prices for "an Old Olive Tree, Bordighera", and "the Casbah, Algiers", 2 sides 8vo., 50 Grand Parade, Eastbourne, Sussex, 6th March 1883.
7. Harry D. Fraser, of the National Gallery, to Booth, acknowledging "with many thanks the safe receipt of the three ivory modelling tools ... of the late Sir Francis Chantrey which you have kindly presented" and thanking him "for all the trouble you have taken", 1 side 8vo, National Gallery, British Art, Millbank, London, 1st July 1904.
8. Sir Hubert von Herkomer, (1849-1914, Portrait Painter), [to Teague], explaining he had "been unable to prevent you coming to Bushy ... I fear I have no works to lend you for exhibition", 1 side 8vo., Stanley House, Ruthin, N. Wales, 1 side 8vo., 6th January 1885.
9. John Evan Hodgson, (1831-1895, R.A.), saying he "sent title on the label - but I suppose Bourlet has lost that", it is "Loot - one touch of nature makes the whole world kin", adding " I don't suppose it is much use to put the price in the catalogue for a provincial exhibition - I want £1000", 1 side 8vo, 5 Hill Road, St Johns Wood, no date, circa 1885.
10. Sir Frederic Leighton, (1830-1896, P.R.A.), autograph letter in the third person to the Mayor of Southport, saying "it would have given him much pleasure to aid the Exhibition to be held next March ... He has however he regrets nothing at his disposal for this purpose", 1 side 8vo, Athenaeum Club, 4th January no year, circa 1890.
11. Sir Frederic Leighton, autograph letter in the third person to the Mayor of Southport, saying he gathers "that perhaps even a very small work might be of some use as bringing the name of the artist into the Catalogue" and would be "happy to send a small head of an Italian peasant girl", 2 sides 8vo, no date, circa 1890.
12. Val Prinsep, (1838-1904, R.A., painter of Indian Pictures, novelist), autograph letter signed to 'Dear Sir' [Teague], saying "The price of my picture of Phyllida is £200", 1 side 8vo, 1 Holland Park Road, Addison road, Kensington, 2nd March no year, circa 1890.
13. Otto Weber, (1832-1888, landscape and animal painter), autograph letter signed to Messrs Hobson & Booth, saying he has "forwarded to Mr [E.S.] Jennings 16 Duke Street [art dealer] in terms of the Circular to Exhibitors ... No. 1. a farmyard (Oil painting price 180 Guineas. No. 2. a moment of rest Water Colour Dr[awing] price 120 Guineas", 1 side 8vo, Brignall House, 20 Greville Road, St. John's Wood, 20th February, 1883.

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