NAPLES, THE ROYAL COURIER ABBAMONTI (or Abamonte, Giuseppe, 1759-1819, Italian Lawyer and Minister)

Printed Route Schedule, from  Naples to Bari  and back, of the Neapolitan Royal Courier Service, with the times allowed between the 15 staging points, (between 1½ and 4 hours), and spaces for the times of arrival and departure to be inserted by the postmaster, made out for royal courier Commendatore Ferdinando Guidelli and signed 'Cav. Abamonte', almost every entry has been completed, often 'subito', meaning the post hardly stopped, also in manuscript a continuation from Bari to Lecce and back, in the blank portions of sides 2 and 4 are lists of similar entries, acknowledging the receipt or loading of a 'pacco' (package) or a 'valigia' (trunk), some of them at points between the printed stages, neatly printed on stout paper with the woodcut Royal Arms (for Joachim Murat) at the head, 4 sides 14" x 10¼", issued 5th September 1812, returning to Naples 11th September a little worn at folds but still legible there, a few small defects affecting one hand written note and one printed placename (easily supplied)

Abbamonti, born in Salerno province, was an early supporter of the French Revolution and dreamed of a free Italy. He went north when the French invaded, became a deputy minister in the Cisalpine Republic, but was dismissed and imprisoned for speaking out against French excesses. Released in January 1799, he was called to take part in the shortlived Neapolitan Republic, and on its collapse was condemned to death, commuted to hard labour.
When the Royal Family at last fled to Sicily, Abbamonti was employed as a magistrate by King Joseph Bonaparte, 1806-1808, and by King Joachim Murat as a Councillor of State and Director General of the Post.

Item Date:  1812

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