RAGLAN (Lord FitzRoy Somerset, 1788-1855, from 1852 1st Baron, from 1854 British Commander in the Crimea, Field Marshal)

Autograph Letter Signed 'Fitzroy Somerset', to 'My dear Sir', asking him "to see Mr Wood", Charles Wood, (1800-1885, Secretary to the Admiralty, 1835-1839, from 1866 1st Viscount Halifax), who "will explain to you that a retired Officer of the Indian Navy is at this moment employed as Superintendent of Marine at Calcutta", and that after this officer had retired from the Navy, "Lord Auckland", (1784-1849, Governor-General of India, 1835-1842, 2nd Baron, 1814 and 1st Earl, 1839), "offered him a situation on the Upper Indus which his health at the time prevented his accepting", but "he is now perfectly well", 2 sides 8vo., no place, no date, circa two small pinholes

Lord FitzRoy Somerset, youngest son of the 5th Duke of Beaufort, went to the Peninsula as a young man. For many years he was with Wellington, who found him invaluable in different capacities, as aide-de-camp, military secretary, embassy secretary at Paris, and after the Peace. When Somerset lost his right arm at Waterloo, the Duke wrote "... what a regard and affection I feel for him".
From 1827 to 1852 Somerset was Military Secretary at the Horse Guards and was known for his tact and urbanity. Chosen to lead the British forces in the Crimea, he was greatly hampered by lack of supplies (managed at first by the Treasury), and of proper intelligence. However his calmness, vigilance and swiftness to take advantage were exemplary, as at the Alma and Inkerman, and the unfair criticism thrown at him has been largely overturned in recent years.

Item Date:  1840

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