THE CISALPINE REPUBLIC IN TROUBLE TALLEYRAND (Charles Maurice, Prince de Benevento, 1754-1838, French Statesman under Napoleon)

Document Signed 'Ch. Mau. Talleyrand' to F. SERBELLONI as Ambassador in Paris of the Cisalpine Republic (sic, Gian Galeazzo SERBELLONI, 1744-1802, First President of the Cisalpine Executive Directory, July 1797, Ambassador, November 1797 - June 1800), in French with translation, informing him that "on learning of the retreat to Chambéry of several members of the Executive Directory and Public Officers of the Cisalpine Republic", the French Directory "has given immediate orders that the National Treasury place 50,000 francs at their disposal ... payable at Chambéry itself to the Cisalpine Directory or to one of its members", with inserted a copy, inscribed "Copy. FS", of a document addressed to Serbelloni, that needs to be presented to the cashier at Chambéry, and with Serbelloni's copy note, that it will be presented by "Citizen Marescalchi", 1 side 4to., Paris, 16th and 18th Prairial, the main document 1 side 4to. and conjugate address leaf, Paris, 16th Prairial Year 7, 4th June small portion of address leaf caught on opening seal, dividing an 'External Affairs' stamp, and with short closed tear to central fold, all without loss

Talleyrand, at a time when his only standing was as a Member of the Institut, gave two far-seeing addresses (on relations with America and England, and on Colonies) which commended themselves to the Directory, who chose him as Foreign Minister (July 1797 - July 1799). He regained his old post after Napoleon's coup that autumn, and held it another 8 years, a force for moderation against Napoleon's increasing ambition.
Gian Galeazzo Serbelloni, "the republican duke", had risen to influence in Milan as Superintendent of the 'Milizia' for keeping the public peace. When Bonaparte approached in May 1796, Archduke Ferdinand fled, and Serbelloni welcomed Bonaparte to his nearly completed palazzo. He was shortly the executive head of the new Cisalpine Republic, then Ambassador to Paris. In April 1799 the Austrians retook the city and the Directors took refuge at Chambéry, only returning .in June 1800 after Marengo. On that occasion Gian Galeazzo escorted Josephine to Italy, where she stayed while Napoleon campaigned there.
'F. Serbelloni' is apparently Fabrizio Serbelloni, Gian Galeazzo's brother, and apparently deputizing for him.
Ferdinando Marescalchi, (1754-1816, Foreign Minister of the Republic of Italy, 1802-1805, of the Napoleonic Kingdom, 1805-1814), had been the Cisalpine envoy to the Congress of Rastadt. In March 1799 he was elected Director-President but with his colleagues had had to flee to France.

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