[FERDINANDO II (1810-1859, from 1830 King of the Two Sicilies)]

Table Showing the State of his Navy, both sail and steam, in a neat hand, listing the type of vessel, her name and her armaments, beginning with the 80-gun Man-of-War 'Vesuvio', carrying 58 24-pound cannons, 4 80-pound and 4 30-pound howitzers ('obici'), and 16 24-pound carronades ('caronati', short guns), also 5 Frigates, 2 Corvettes, 5 Brigantines, and 2 Schooners ('Golette'), (all sail), followed by the growing number of Steam vessels, beginning with 6 300-horsepower Frigates, each carrying a 117-pound and a 60-pound howitzer, and 4 30-pound carronades, and 6 further steam vessels, ('battelli a vapore') from 200 to 40 horsepower, including the Ferdinando II (180 h.p.), while two more frigates as above are building ('in cantiere', at Castellamare), six columns on 1 side folio and conjugate blank, no place (stationer's stamp 'Naples'), no date, circa

Of the sailing vessels, the oldest is the Amalia (1811), followed by Vesuvio (1824). In 1843, with Partenope (1834) and Regina Isabella (1827), they escorted the King's sister, Princess Teresa Cristina, to Brazil, for her marriage to Pedro II.
Of the steam vessels, the Ferdinando II, built in England, (1833), was the first such in the Neapolitan navy. Four of the six steam frigates listed here were launched at Gravesend in 1843, but the other two, Ercole and Archimede, were launched at Castellamare the following year, marking the beginning of steamship construction in Naples. The latest in the list appears to be the Sannite (Sannita), launched from Castellamare on 7th August 1846.

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