AYRTON (Michael, 1921-1975, Artist, Sculptor, Writer & Broadcaster)

Group of Four Early Pencil Sketches, the first signed and dated, showing Antiope surrendering to Zeus who has taken the form of a satyr, (Ayrton writes 'Andiope', as in modern Greek, also 'Jupiter' for Zeus), the others untitled but of similar power and sculptural quality, the second full page and two on the third, varying the amorous theme, together three separate sides 8" x 10¾", no place, 21st (?) February the pencil work uniformly faded but without loss of power or detail, some edges a trifle worn, a few small brown dots in blank margin of first sketch

Ayrton, encouraged by his father, spent 1936-1939 studying art informally in Vienna and Paris, and at Heatherley's in London. In 1939 he spent the summer at Les Baux, returning on the outbreak of war. These sketches, around the time of his 19th birthday, reflect his love of Greece and Greek mythology. They have all his sculptural approach and a smoothness not yet replaced by the 'spikiness' of his later work.

Item Date:  1940

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