Finely Penned Manuscript of Texts in Verse and Prose, in English, French and Latin, inscribed 'F. Brown' on the upper cover, with a calligraphic drawing of a flying bird on side 1 and an elegant swan on side 10, on thick paper bound in brown wrappers, 10 separate sides 7¾" x 13", no place, no date, watermarked W Brookman,

After the drawing of the bird and the first pages reading 'Ammunition' and 'Communication' the texts are:
1. Blame not before you have examined the truth.
2. Prosperity gains friends and adversity tries them.
3. Almost all difficulties are to be overcome by industry and perseverance.
4. La Science est a l'âme ceque la Santé est au corps. (Science is to the mind as health is to the body).
5. Three things bear mighty sway with men, / The Sword, the Sceptre, and the Pen. / He who can the last of these command, / In the first rank of fame shall stand.
6. Virtus non advenit à naturâ, neque a doctrinâ, sed à numine divino. Natura non dat virtutem. Nascimur quidem ad hoc sed sine hoc. (Virtue doesn't come from nature, nor from doctrine, but from the divine Will. Nature doesn't give virtue. We are born for this end but without it). (Seneca, quoting Plato).
Brookman's paper, from the Test Mill, Romsey, was popular with artists, including J.W.M. Turner.
The final illustration is the Swan.

Item Date:  1825

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