LASCELLES (Hon. Mary Louisa, 1835-1917, daughter of the Hon. W.S.S. Lascelles and granddaughter of the 2nd Earl of Harewood, Maid of Honour to Queen Victoria, 1865-1881)

Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs Badcock, saying she is afraid "the Queen has put off going to Cliveden tomorrow (Monday)" and she "will write when any other day is more settled", 2 sides 8vo black-edged, Windsor Castle, 'Sunday evening' April 1st, no year but one small original blot and two small original corrections

The visit to Cliveden, rebuilt in 1851 by the Duke and Duchess of Sutherland and at this time the seat of the Dowager Duchess, who vacated it, took place Friday 27th May - Sunday 5th June. For a good description of the house and grounds and the arrangements, which involved replacing nearly all the domestic staff by the Queen's, and sending "wines, spirits, etc" from Windsor, see the Times, 26th May 1866.

Item Date:  1866

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