THAON DI REVEL (Paolo, 1859-1948, Italian Admiral and Navy Minister)

Postcard photo with Autograph Note Signed in Italian on the verso, "Dear Doctor Masso, I recall with gratitude how much you have done for me during the past year and beg you to accept the wishes for your wellbeing and happiness at the beginning of the New Year ..." showing him in admiral's undress uniform with ribbons and peaked cap, 5½" x 3½" in plain envelope printed on the flap 'Ministro della Guerra'. January

Thaon di Revel served with distinction in the Italo-Turkish war of 1911 and as chief of naval staff from 1913 built up the Italian Fleet Air Arm in preparation for entering the war in 1915. As Naval Commander-in-Chief from 1917 he was in command of all allied forces, including British and French, in the Adriatic.

Item Date:  1922

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