MALMESBURY (James Edward Harris, 1778-1841, 2nd Earl, Deputy Secretary for War)

Autograph Letter Signed 'Malmesbury' to Laurence Sulivan, (1783-1866), saying that Mr. Cooke's brother "would do very well. His family is a most respectable one ... As to Learning he must be more than Equal to conducting the Education of Boys so young as my nephews ... G. Bowles arrived last night - Will Palmerston Draw you down to Broadlands? - From what He said to me I expect soon to hear of his being there. I wish Count Michel was at Odessa again. This, I conclude, he soon will be, as Varna has fallen", 3 sides 8vo., Heron Court, Christchurch, Hampshire, 31st October

The 2nd Earl was a close friend of Palmerston, who was the 1st Earl's ward. Sulivan was Palmerston's closest friend at Cambridge. He was Private Secretary to Palmerston at the War Office from 1809, and married his sister Elizabeth ('Lilly'), 1790-1837, in 1811. He was Deputy Secretary for War 1826-1851.
General Sir George Bowles, 1787-1876, was the second son of William Bowles, of Heale House, Wiltshire. Admiral of the Fleet William Bowles married Palmerston's sister Fanny, 1786-1838, in 1820.
The Black Sea ports were at stake in Russia's war with Turkey, 1828-1829.

Item Date:  1828

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