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COWEN (Sir Frederic Hymen, 1852-1935, Composer & Conductor)

Autograph Letter Signed on a postcard to Frederick DELIUS (1862-1934, Composer) asking if he is "desirous of doing your 'Brigg Fair' during the winter at our Concerts in Glasgow & Edinburgh - could you oblige me with loan of Score & Parts, or tell me where I can obtain them. They will not be required until after Xmas ...", 1 side postcard with autograph address on the verso, 54 Hamilton Terrace, N.W., 30th September

Item Date:  1908
Stock No:  40975      £145

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DICKENS (Charles, 1812-1870, Novelist)

Fine Autograph Letter signed with fine full signature to Mr Wilson, telling him that "A highly esteemed American friend of mine, Mr Charles F. Norton - a distinguished and responsible gentleman - wishes to find a furnished house for himself and family ... I have told him of my satisfactory experience of you on all occasions and I beg you to treat him as you would myself. You could not have a better client ... you could not oblige me more than by helping him ... with as little trouble to himself (he being in delicate health just now) as possible ...", 1 side 8vo., Gads Hill Place, Higham by Rochester, Kent, 5th November very slightly trimmed

Item Date:  1868
Stock No:  40958      £2275

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ELGAR (Sir Edward, 1857-1934, Composer)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed on a postcard to Frederick DELIUS (1862-1934, Composer) thanking him and "Mrs Delius for your telegram sending good wishes, it gave me ... to know that you thought of me in this distressful time. I am supposed to be improving & want to share (?) a few more years with ... 'your brave transluminary thing & to see & talk once more with the poets mind in the poets body ... Best regards to Mrs Delius & my love to you ...", 1 side postcard with Autograph address on the verso, 'Nursing home' written by hand over his printed address, Marl Bank, Worcester, 13th OCtober

Item Date:  1933
Stock No:  40974      £875

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[ELIZABETH II (b. 1926, Queen of Great Britain)]

Ticket for the "Inspection of the Queen's Body Guard of the Yeomen of the Guard by Her Majesty" printed in black on yellow card, giving access to stand on the Terrace, with wet weather instructions on the verso, 1 side 5½" x 3½", Buckingham Palace, 2nd May

Item Date:  2001
Stock No:  40965      £25

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GEORGE III (1738-1820, King of Great Britain)

Fine  Autograph Letter signed  with Initials 'GR', in his bold hand to an unnamed correspondent saying that "on receiving the two Boxes yesterday morning I perceived that the one was not intended for my perusal and sent it to the Messenger which gave rise to the mistake of his going to London previous to my dispatching the other Box, which I therefore sent by a safe hand at a later hour ...", 1 side 4to., Windsor, 8th February

Item Date:  1796
Stock No:  40960      £575

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