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CHARTERIS (Leslie, 1907-1993, Author of 'The Saint' Novels)

Fine signature and his typical sketch of 'The Saint' on his decorative bookplate, 5" x 4", no place, no date

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Stock No:  39588      £55

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CHIANG YEE (1903-1977, Chinese Poet, Author, Painter and Calligrapher, 'The Silent Traveller')

Autograph Letter Signed to Lieutenant Jacob, thanking him for his letter and saying he is "very glad to know that you have taken a fancy to my humble works. I am very sorry to say that most of the originals of the illustrations in THE SILENT TRAVELLER IN OXFORD were sold in the exhibition at the Dreads Gallery ... There are a few left. I am passing your letter to my agent ... asking him to write to you about the unsold ones ...", 1 side 8vo., 28 Southmoor Road, Oxford, 20th March

Item Date:  1947
Stock No:  39581      £125

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CHURCHILL (Sir Winston Spencer, 1874-1965, Prime Minister)

Early clerk written letter signed to Councillor Harrop saying that he is "very glad indeed to hear from Mr Burn this morning that you have been elected Chairman of the Executive Committee of our Federation in N. W. Manchester, and I hasten to send you my congratulations. I hear that political activity is very great in the City just now, and I know I an rely upon you to keep everyone up to the mark. I shall look forward to meeting you on my next visit ...", 2 sides 8vo., Colonial Office headed paper, 3rd March

Item Date:  1908
Stock No:  39593      £975

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DE LA MARE (Walter John, 1873-1956, Poet and Novelist)

Fine Typed and Autograph letter signed to MissNancy Bowden saying that he is sure she "will welcome nice legible type. I was amused by your remark about the notepaper. I don't much care for this flimsy stuff but anything rather than deckle edged! But this is really to say how glad I am that you have heard through Mr Masefield of Mrs Monro's address. I wish we could meet again. I agree with what you say about Charlotte Mew's poetry and women's in general. The poem you mention was written many years, I think, before I came to live in Buckinghamshire - a lovely County indeed. If I may say so, there is not the faintest reason why the lectures should have that effect; & I feel pretty certain you will come out on the other side so keep your pen ready ...", 1 side oblong 8vo., The Old Park, Penn, 12th May

Item Date:  1947
Stock No:  39575      £275

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DE LA MARE (Walter John, 1873-1956, Poet and Novelist)

Excellent long Autograph letter signed to Mr Atkins, saying that "Alas, I didn't deserve one word of your reference to the R.L.F. I wish it were otherwise. Illness as you know prevented my attending the Meeting of the Committee &, although I wrote to John Broadbent, the Secretary, as soon as your letter reached me, I was just a day too late! I was very glad to hear that a grant has been awarded, it must have been considered very promptly. All that you said concerning the writing of books keenly interested me. There are outstanding exceptions, of course, but, in general, if one insists on following one's own bent and inclination, even if it is not widely ... off the beaten track, a recognition adequate enough to produce anything worth calling an income is usually slow work. But other sources, eg reviewing (which was always in my case against the grain) must come into play. I feel sure you agree that at the beginning of authorship some other additional job, if it is not too exhausting, is the best way out. One can but speak from personal experience. The proceeds from my first three books over a period of about six years, I think cannot have exceeded £100. Indeed a good deal later I brought back two of them which have been published on a profit-sharing agreement! None the less, & apart from what is usually called a literary conscience but which usually has roots a good deal deeper than the phrase suggests, believe that your own son - Victor is the right one, haven't a doubt of it, & probably on the practical as well as on the personal side. Nor do I think that early success is usually an advantage in the long run. Is it quite so in the case of Kipling & Dickens even? Nothing could be more trite & Samuel Smilesesq than, 'Best do one's best however bad', but what is the alternative? R.L.S. on butcher's bills is sorrow enough, but there is an influence strangely sterilising in the deliberate manufacture in any work of their mind. I know quite well what you mean by 'despair' & I do hope you won't find the fight too hard & too long Wood-pigeons have a wonderful flight. I have only once seen magpies here - fascinating creatures; but jackdaws come to my kitchen window at Twickenham. Next week I hope to be going away - & some time after that the jackdaws again ...", 4 sides oblong 8vo., The Old Park, 2nd April

Item Date:  1948
Stock No:  39574      £450

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