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BRETT (John, 1831-1902, Landscape Painter, Pre-Raphaelite)

ALS to Mrs Malleson saying that she is "one of those few who have believed in me these many years; a fact whereof I have always felt very proud; more so than I well know how to say. Any little circumstance therefore which would seem to justify your faith is intensely welcome ... In this light I value the associateship. It will now be my duty to take a share of the teaching in the schools and if either of your children should go to study there you know it will be a great gratification to me to devote to them the best I can do in that way. The last time we went to Camp Cottage you were all away ... We have now six babies all told and the latest still keeps his mother nearly always at home so you will be nearly sure to find her when you come. I hope I may be no less fortunate but to save me a disappointment you must stay to dinner and there will I hope be no reason for your returning to Wimbledon that evening ...", 3 sides 8vo., 6 Keswick Road, Putney, 30th January

Item Date:  1881
Stock No:  40799      £275

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BROWN (Ford Madox, 1821-1893, Painter)

Fine signature from an Autograph Letter Signed on a small piece, 3" x 1", no place, no date

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  40806      £75

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BUCHAN (John, Lord Tweedsmuir, 1875-1940, Novelist, Governor General of Canada)

Autograph Letter Signed to "My dear Norwood" asking that if he hears "of anyone who wants coaching I wonder if you would remember your friend & mine Count Roberto Weiss. He got a very good second ... He could teach for law & History ... & to French & Italian Groups. He is a most careful & successful coach as my family know well ...", 3 sides 8vo., Elsfield Manor, Oxford, 8th July

Item Date:  1935
Stock No:  40769      £125

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CHARLES I (1600-1649, King of Great Britain) and Sir Edward NICHOLAS (English politician and later Secretary of State to both Charles I and Charles II, 1593-1669)

Fine Autograph Note Signed "Your friend Charles R" asking "Nicolas, deliver these two letters with diligence, especially that to my Lord Keeper, So I rest ...", with autograph note on the verso "for your selfe", with a short endorsement by Nicholas in the adjacent panel, giving date and place of receipt "17th Aug 1641, P. 2/2. His Mats letr to me from Edinburg", inscribed by the King, "Eden, 17 August 1641" together with an Autograph Letter Signed by Sir Henry ELLIS(1777-1869, Librarian and Antiquarian) to Sir Henry HALFORD (1766-1844, President of the Royal College of Physicians, Physician Extraordinary to George III) sending him the letter "Lady Ellis desires I will lose no time in begging your acceptance of the short Letter of King Charles I to Secretary Nicholas, which I enclose. It was presented to me by Mr Bray the editor of Evelyn's Memoirs. I should like to show you a ruined Portrait which I have of Charles I. It consists of one of the three Heads of the Picture which Vandyke painted for the use of Bernini. What remains is good, and it has the Vandyke brown in it. Several persons who know more of the matter than I do consider it to have been originally one of the copies of that famous picture, made in Vadyke's house, and with his own colours ...", 1 side 4to., with original autograph envelope front with seal, British Museum, 20th January 1837, the two letters bound into a 20th century quarter red morocco binding, over marbled boards, 4to., with gilt lettering to spine King Charles I,

Item Date:  1641
Stock No:  40705      £3750

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CONRAD (Franz Conrad von Hötzendorf, 1852-1925, Chief of Staff for the Austria-Hungarian Army at the outbreak of World War I, Field Marshall), Karl KRITEK (1861-1928, Generaloberst of the Austro-Hungarian armed forces in World War I)

Group Postcard photo signed by four of the sitters including Conrad and Kritek, showing the group of Generals seated and standing wearing their outdoor uniforms and hats, one of the signatures is on the verso next to the key, 5½" x 3½", no place, postmarked Vienna 23rd July

Item Date:  1918
Stock No:  39821      £225

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