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[EDWARD VII (1841-1910, King of Great Britain), ALEXANDRA (of Denmark, 1844-1925, his Queen) with FRANCIS (1st Duke of Teck, 1837-1900, father of Queen Mary)]

Fine original unsigned photo showing the Royal couple and the Duke with their guests sitting on the steps at the White Lodge in 1868, 9" x 7" max in an oval, White Lodge, image very slightly faded

Item Date:  1868
Stock No:  40630      £125

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FITZROY (Robert, 1805-1865, Vice-Admiral, Hydrographer & Meteorologist, travelled & wrote with Darwin, invented the Fitzroy Barometer & Weather Forecasts)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed to Sir Henry George CALCRAFT (1836-1896, Knight Secretary to the Board of Trade) saying that "yesterday, according to our arrangement I sent a note to Lady Herbert. It was returned with information that her Ladyship had left for the Continent ... As you may like to know this and also, perhaps, to see what was said yesterday morning and how the weather has been since. I now enclose my note and this morning's Weather Report ..." with a postscript that "H.M. just secured a lull for the passage, on Saturday ..." and an instruction not to return the enclosed, 4 sides 8vo., "M. o. Bd of Trade", Monday, no year circa

Item Date:  1855
Stock No:  40640      £1475

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GILL (Eric, 1882-1940, Sculptor, Engraver, Writer & Typographer)

Brief Autograph Note Signed responding to a request from a newspaper [the London Evening Standard] to write on one of their 'quandaries' where celebrities where asked to give their opinion on some question of a moral nature, Gill's response is not present, only this covering letter in which he says that it is " a preposterous question but I send you an answer, yours faithfully Eric Gill ...", 1 side 8vo., Pigotts, North Dean, 5th May

Item Date:  1932
Stock No:  40624      £125

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LIPPINCOTT (Sara Jane, 1823-1904, pseudonym of Grace Greeenwood, American Author, Poet, Correspondent and Newspaper Founder)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed ('Grace Greenwood, Mrs L.K. Lippincott') annotated in another hand as written to 'Elihu Farmer' with the date saying that she is "very sorry that I cannot yet fix a date and fear we must leave ... for another season. I have been quite seriously ill and the New York & Brooklyn entertainments have been put off or rather no positive arrangements made ... I am not well enough to take a long journey - I expect to go to New York in a few days if I do not get ill again. The weather is now warm and so favourable. I will write from New York - if there is a chance of our coming this month. If this date is too late to make the entertainment profitable we certainly will not let you lose anything. Regretting that I cannot be more explicit ...", 2 sides 8vo., Washington, 9th May

Item Date:  1854
Stock No:  40626      £225

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MORRIS (Sir Lewis, 1833-1907, of Penrhyn, Welsh Poet)

Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs Verney saying that "owing to the slowness of the trains, it will be impossible for me to get to Menei Bridge before 7.35 tomorrow ... by way of Chester. Please therefore do not wait dinner for me. I can easily have something afterwards. I don't know whether the North Western is punctual, our wretched Great Western generally manages to lose half an hour, or more on the way from town, as that is the present case wd make dinner out of the question ...", 1 side 8vo., Penbryn, Carmarthen headed paper, 15th October

Item Date:  1884
Stock No:  40636      £55

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