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KNOX (Edmund George Valpy, 1881-1971, Poet and Satirist who wrote. under the pseudonym ‘Evoe’)

Fine Signature with inscription “Yours very truly” with his name and his pseudonym, on card, 3½” x 2½”, no plaace, dated in another hand 13th January

Item Date:  1930
Stock No:  42481      £25

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KNOX (Ronald Arbuthnott, 1888-1957, Roman Catholic Priest, Translator of the Bible)

Typed Letter Signed To “Dear Drummond”, asking if he had ever thanked him “for that most excellent Wimborne? Finding your letter still lying about has given me qualms. It wasn’t really a Wimborne, so I have invented a special page for freak contributions, which at present includes yours, and a page from a local time-table, headed ‘where to shop in High Wycombe’ and quite blank except for one advertisement of a monumental mason...”, 1 side oblong 8vo., with original autograph envelope, The Old Palace, Oxford headed paper, 28th July

Item Date:  1929
Stock No:  42478      £175

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KOSSUTH (Lajos, 1802-1894, Hungarian Patriot and Statesman)

Fine signature ‘L. Kossuth’, on a piece of paper, 4¾” x 1½”, no place, no date

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  42479      £175

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KROPOTKIN (Prince Peter, 1842-1921, Russian Geographer, Savant, Revolutionary & Nihilist)

Autograph Letter Signed to Sydney A GIMSON (1860-1938, from 1888 President of the Leicester Secular Society) saying it “will be a great pleasure to lecture before the Leicester Secular Society. Would some Sunday in January suit you?...”, then discussing his fee or “from £7 to £10 but I suppose such fee would be too high for your Society...” 2 sides 8vo., with original autograph envelope, Harrow on the Hill, 29th September

Item Date:  1890
Stock No:  39803      £200

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LANDSEER (Thomas, 1794-1880, Artist best known for his engravings and etchings particularly those of his younger brother Edwin Landseer)

Autograph Formal letter Letter to Mr and Mrs Griffith saying that “Sir E. Landseer has the honor to accept Mr and Mrs Darby Griffith most kind invitation...”, 1 side 8vo., St John’s Wood Road, headed paper with his monogram of red antlers, 6th April

Item Date:  1869
Stock No:  42486      £55

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