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[BLOCK (Julius 1858-1934, Philophonist of German origin, Pioneer or Russian Sound Recordings)]

Unsigned Russian Cabinet photograph of an unidentified sitter inscribed on the verso to Block the image shows a distinguished looking bearded man, half length with one hand in his jacket and the inscription says that it is "a memento to the respected Yuliy Ivanovich Block from a sincerely devoted [signature ... K. Samus ...?] ...", 6½" x 4¼", St Petersburg, 1st January

Item Date:  1894
Stock No:  40525      £75

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BOOTH (William Bramwell, 1856-1929, Salvation Army Leader, son of William Booth)

Typed Letter Signed to R. D. BLUMENFELD (Ralph David, 1864-1948, American born Journalist and Writer under the pen-name R.D.B.) congratulating him on "the occasion of the 25th Birthday of the 'Daily Express', knowing that the period which this marks and the success achieved represents twenty-five years hard work on your part, and others responsible for the production of the paper. I admire the Express for its virility, and the forceful stand it has taken in urging settlement of British people in the Oversea Dominions as a means of improving social conditions in this country and helping to build up the Empire. Having personal knowledge ... of conditions in Australia, New Zealand and Canada I believe that much can be done for the people ...", 1 side A4, International Headquarters headed paper, London, 21st April

Item Date:  1925
Stock No:  40484      £100

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[CAVOUR (Camillo Benso, Count di, 1810-1861, Italian Statesman, First Prime Minister of Italy)]

Unsigned Cabinet Photo by Varischi and Artico showing him half length, seated, looking slightly down, with one hand in his pocket, 6½" x 4¼", no date, circa

Item Date:  1861
Stock No:  40515      £150

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[CHEKHOV (Anton Pavlovich, 1860-1904, Russian Playwright and Short Story Writer)]

Fine Unsigned Russian Cabinet Photo by M, Kadisson, showing him full length, seated at his desk, looking straight at the camera, 6½" x 4¼", St Petersburg, no date, circa small pinhole at top of the photo

Item Date:  1890
Stock No:  40514      £750

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CHURCHILL (Sir Winston Spencer, 1874-1965, Prime Minister)

Early clerk written letter signed to Mr Temple Franks offering him "the post of Comptroller General of Patents, Designs, and Trademarks, which was the subject of our conversation yesterday. The salary is as you know £1500 a year, and the usual pension rights in proportion to the term of service are attached to the office. It would be a satisfaction to me to hear that you are prepared to accept the appointment, and that I may look forward to the advantage of your assistance in this branch of my department ...", 2 sides 8vo., Board of Trade headed paper, Whitehall Gardens, 11th February

Item Date:  1909
Stock No:  40483      £1100

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