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CUNNINGHAM (Peter, 1816-1869, Author and Critic, son of Allen Cunningham)

Autograph Letter Signed to Henry CAMPKIN (1815-1890, Author) thanking him for "the errata ... I enclose you another sheet. So pray get on like a good fellow - for if this Quarterly Review notice is favourable there will be a demand for the book. I was elected an F.S.A. having 35 for me and eleven against me - Croker, Fairholt, Haliwell, Bright ... were among the eleven but not Pettigrew and Planché. You asked me some time back for some of my father's handwriting. Pray accept ye characteristic specimen enclosed ...", 2 sidees 8vo., 27the March no year

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KITCHENER (Horatio Herbert, 1st Earl, 1850-1916, Commander in Chief in South Africa, Field Marshal Earl Kitchener of Khartoum)]

Fine Personal Autograph Letter Signed in full to Military Survey Sergeant Major Angus Sutherland thanking him for his letter and saying that he "may be sure I shall always take a great interest in your future after serving me so well in Palestine and Cyprus - I hope you may have a long and happy married life. I do no see much prospect of my getting a wife - I expect to be back in England in about 3 months if all goes well. I shall try & take Cyprus on my way so as to see all my old friends there again ... I have a good deal of hard work here writing up my mail ..." with a postscript saying he is enclosing a photo, 3 sides 8vo., Zanzibar, 9th April

Item Date:  1886
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MILDMAY (Sir Walter, 1520/21-1589, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Founder of Emmanuel College, Cambridge)

Clerk written Document with fine signature, addressed "To my loving friend Robt Taylor, one of ye Tellers of ye Receipt of the Queen's Majesties Exchequer" being a warrant for payment stating that "These are to require you to pay unto Newell Sotherton clerk of the Extreats in the Exchequer the sum of £6 13s 4d for serving the Queen's Majesty in writing and extreating forth all the fines issues and amercements before him into the 12 shires in Wales for this present 13th year of the queen majesty's reign as heretofore hath been yearly allowed unto him for the same ...", 1 side folio with conjugate address leaf with endorsements one in Latin signed by Sotherton, no place, 5th July

Item Date:  1571
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RUSKIN (John, 1819-1900, Writer and Critic)

Autograph Letter Signed in full to "My dear Madam" saying that he fears "no artist of eminence now undertakes the superintendence of the education of others in his art. The best thing you can do is to send you son to the schools at Kensington. If he has talent he will then get on by himself - no one else can choose his style for him ...", 1 side 8vo., Denmark Hill headed paper, no date

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[RUSKIN (John, 1819-1900, Writer and Critic)]

Manuscript Account of a visit to Ruskin's lakeside home, saying "I went over this morning to take a look at Brantwood, Ruskin's lake home. I heard that he had got it finished this summer and had been settled in it about a fortnight. My walk over was pleasant enough the weather an interchange of sunshine and showers. Brantwood is about 3 miles down the left hand side of the Lake from Coniston. A good mile beyond Tent Lodge once the residence of Tennyson. It stands close beside and a little above the road. The road is a fields length from the lake and runs between it and the house. I am told Ruskin got the place cheap and has laid out a good deal of money upon it. It certainly has a nice appearance now. A moderate sized unpretentious house with plenty of outbuildings apparently round behind it ... on a level with the bedrooms he has had a small pulpit-looking affair put up ..." here there is a small sketch illustrating it, "glazed all round with diamond panes about a foot square and neatly roofed, evidently intended as a place of outlook to watch the mists on the mountains at the head of the lake. I should have preferred larger panes of platE glass instead of diamond shaped small ones and then one could have sketched without obstruction in all weathers. The grass is close shaven and all about the garden and indeed all about the place there is an air of neatness, cleanliness and comfort that is quite delightful. Rather too neat for my fancy, for there is a good deal too much of muslin about the bed room windows, the tassels of the blind cords being carried in little muslin bags with edges with lace ... the place loos more like the residence of a fastidious old maid that a grave Oxford Professor. The entrance gates of which there are two, one about a hundred yards before you come to the house and the other about thirty yards beyond the house, as well as stable doors and other outside wood work are all painted of a lovely imitation oak colour, which rather surprised me remembering the scorn with which, in the Stones of Venice and Seven Lamps, he spoke of all imitation of knots and the grain of wood, contemptible attempts at deception he called them, unworthy of men. But these of his, I noticed, though pleasant to the eye, were so badly grained they would not deceive nobody. There doesn't appear to be anything interesting in the scenery about Brantwood, but the views up to the head of Coniston water and away up Zeedale towards Tilberthwaite with Coniston old Man and Witherham ... is very fine and I rather fancy on a clear day the Langdale Pikes will be visible in the extreme distance ...", 1 side folio, Hawkshead, 29th September

Item Date:  1872
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