[XENIA (Grand Duchess, 1875-1960, Sister of Nicholas II of Russia and Wife of his Cousin Grand Duke Alexander) with her daughter IRENA (1895-1970)]

Unsigned postcard photo showing them seated together, with Irena on the arm of her mother's chair, in an oval, 5½" x 3½", no place, postmarked 22nd September with the stamps on the front of the card

Taken in the tercentenary year. It is unusual to find Irena as the Grand Duchess preferred her children to lead their lives away from the public gaze. Grand Duchess Xenia and her daughter Irena photographed at her mother's home. Irena was the wife of Prince Yusopov who was one of the murderer's of Rasputin. She was considered a great beauty, but she retreated into a private life after her glittering life before the Revolution.

Item Date:  1913

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