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OLIPHANT (Margaret, née Wilson 1828-1897, Scottish Novelist and Historical Writer)

Fine Letter Signed to Mrs Acton Tindall asking her “to do me a service which I fear you will think a very odd one? I am anxious at this moment to be present at some trials for a serious offence if possible murder - I find that assizes are going on at Aylesbury and that it is the nearest place to which I could go on this uncomfortable mission. Would it be taking too great a liberty with the kindness you have more than once shown me, were I to ask you if you could kindly find out for me if anything of the kind is coming on at Aylesbury and when? Pray pardon me - I feel it is the strangest commission which a lady could be asked to undertake - but I am rather desperate about it, feeling that the time is hurrying on and assizes closing and my murder slipping through my fingers - if you would be so very good as to inquire into this for me.. I should be infinitely obliged...”, 3 sides 8vo., with original autograph envelope, The Crescent, Windsor, 10th March crest removed with the loss of a few words of text

Item Date:  1873
Stock No:  41899      £375

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ORLOFF (Nikolai Andryevich, 1892-1964, Russian Pianist)

Programm for a Piano Recital signed on the photo on the front, inside there are biographies of Orlov and a list of the works he played, 4 sides 4to., Music Hall, George Street, 13th February 1924

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  41897      £125

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ORMANDY (Eugene, 1899-1985, Hungarian-American Conductor and Violinist)

Fine Photograph signed and inscribed with the place and date, “To Mr John R. Bucharean with best wishes...” showing him head and shoulders looking down, with a pensive expression, 8” x 5”, Philadelphia,

Item Date:  1973
Stock No:  41900      £150

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OSBORNE (Lord Sidney Godolphin, 1808-1889, Cleric, Philanthropist and Writer)

Long Autograph Letter Signed to Captain Hamilton on H.M.S. Cambrian in Smyrna telling him that “The Brisk arrived here yesterday morning and returns to you today, and I will not lose so good an opportunity of thanking you for your letter by her, as well as the one of the 18th of July which I found on my return from Lante about a month ago. I am very much obliged to you for the earrings once belonging to Canova’s wife, and also for the bracelet, both of which I am sure will be most acceptable to my Sister the Duchess of Leeds. Lord St Asaph of course being in Quarantine, I shall not get the latter till I am admitted to Pratique, no indeed have I yet seen it, but I prefer writing to you before that to delaying sending you. my best thanks for the attention you pay to my troublesome commissions. By the Packet of which we are in daily expectation I will cause £17.10s to be paid to your account... as I think you prefer that means of payment to receiving Dollars in the Mediterranean. I have sent at different times letters... to the care of the Consul at Smyrna, as I suppose there is pretty constant communication between that Port and Alexandria. I flatter myself they will have reached him before his return to Malta. The Glasgow and Talbot have arrived at the latter Island... I think Sir Frederick Adams will be back here about the middle of November. The Duke of Manchester gets the Post Office here, but it is not yet known who will succeed him at Jamaicas, or yet get the Blue Ribbon vacant by Lord Winchelsea’s death. Ireland is pretty well recovered from the ferment occasioned by the late General Elections which however were carried on with much more resistance in the other two Provinces than in... Leinster and Ulster. Pray tell Lushington that I have this day forwarded by Atranto his two Letters for Naples. His Father was quite well when I last heard from him... “, 3 sides 4to., with original autograph address leaf and seal, Corfe, 5th September

Item Date:  1826
Stock No:  41898      £275

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OUIDA (Louise de la Ramee, 1839-1908, Author)

Autograph Letter Signed “Ouida, to Madame, saying she believes “that Black Beauty has been long ago translated but that kind of thing is no use in Italy. People do not read. I am perplexed why you trouble yourself about us when... Cruelty goes on in your own Country to Dogs & all over England...”, with a postscript over part of the first page saying she can send a “subscription to the Princess Mele Bourese [?], Castellamare, Naples”, 4 sides 8vo., no place, no date, circa

Item Date:  1875
Stock No:  41901      £125

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