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LEOPOLD (George Albert, 1853-1884, 4th Son of Queen Victoria, Duke of Albany, a haemophiliac, died after an accident on 28th March in Cannes)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed, to his physician Arnold Royle thanking him for his "letter of good wishes and for the charming revolver, with which (the revolver, not the letter) I hope one day to shorten some fellow creature's life; your's perhaps if you talk too much about Rajpootana or Kurmerbunds [sic] (I don't know how to write the beastly word). I send this to Boyton, as I presume you are there by this time, usurping my place. I'm glad you succeeded in recruiting your worn out body at Eastbourne, & being all day 'in the open air'. It is very warm ... but the rain it raineth everyday ... To-day I walked for a quarter of an hour with a stick, & do not yet feel any ill effects from it. I hope to see you at Buckingham Palace ... perhaps you will not have any special engagements that week? By the bye when are you going to be raised to the supreme degree of an M.M. [Master Mason] mind you learn up your questions well for the occasion ... I see I have written quite as illegibly as you do usually, but the pens here are so vile ... Have you seen 'Eard yet? & are he (& Collins) still as severe & unchristian regarding the poor sinner, ready to throw stones at her? I fear I am immoral enough to prefer the Christian doctrine of mercy & charity to the stern Mosaic code ...", 4 sides 8vo., on black edged Osborne headed mourning paper, 9th April

Item Date:  1877
Stock No:  40569      £975

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LOUISE CAROLINE (1848-1939, Princess, Daughter of Queen Victoria, Duchess of Argyll, Sculptress)

Poignant Autograph Letter Signed to Mr Royle following the untimely death of her brother, Prince Leopold, less than a week earlier, saying that she "must tell you how deeply I have felt for you during all this terrible time. We are, as you must know, most grateful to you for all your attention & devotion to the dear Duke. We know you did all you could for him now & always. It is so curious that he kept asking me the day he left to come with him. I said I cd. not leave Lorne so soon after our return home, he kept saying I cd., & that it wd. make him so happy. I reproach myself now, but what is the use. I cannot speak of all I have lost, you knew a little what we were to each other ...", 4 sides 8vo., on Windsor Castle headed mourning paper, 3rd April

Item Date:  1884
Stock No:  40575      £125

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LOUISE CAROLINE (1848-1939, Princess, Daughter of Queen Victoria, Duchess of Argyll, Sculptress)

Poignant Autograph Letter Signed to Mr Royle saying that she has sent "the little paint box I promised, pray excuse its not being a new one. There are some colours wh. may be of use to you I think ...", she continues about her brother, Prince Leopold, that she trusts "that you are more satisfied with the Prince's state, & that he is really improving. I have been very anxious about him & much distressed to be away from him as you can fancy ...", 3 sides 8vo., Citadel, Quebec headed paper with two crests at the head, 23rd July no year but circa

Item Date:  1883
Stock No:  40576      £125

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LOUISE CAROLINE (1848-1939, Princess, Daughter of Queen Victoria, Duchess of Argyll, Sculptress)

Autograph Letter Signed to 'My dear Toto', (Lady Helen Lacey) hoping that she has received the cards "for the women to attend the Annual Meeting of the S.&S.F.A. on 26th as I have not heard from you ...", with a long postscript explaining that "as Mrs Deedes & Lady Clarke are fussing, & say that they have all the others. Lady Clarke flew at me - Lady Jane has also been for the last weeks biting my nose off, because the little cards have not been sent. I said I felt sure all was quite right ...", 4 sides 8vo., with original autograph envelope signed,Kensington Palace, 24th June

Item Date:  1900
Stock No:  40550      £125

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LOUISE CAROLINE (1848-1939, Princess, Daughter of Queen Victoria, Duchess of Argyll, Sculptress)

Charming New Year's Card with Autograph note Signed 'To dear Toto', (Lady Helen Lacey) "with many loves & wishes from Louise for 1901", opposite a printed message of New year Wishes, with a coloured picture on the front of a small girl leaning over a crib to kiss the baby, with the message "May your New Year be full of joy", 4½" x 3½" in folded card folded in a sheet of paper with the heading of Sandringham, Norfolk,

Item Date:  1901
Stock No:  40551      £95

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