SALE (Sir Robert Henry, 1782-1845, Major-General)

Portrait engraved by F. Holl after H. Moseley, showing him three-quarter length in full dress uniform, his fine features on the point of smiling, published by Peter Jackson, 7¼" x 4¾", no date, c. laid down

Sale served in India under Baird against Tippoo Sahib (1798) and under Wellesley. In the Afghan War of 1838 he commanded the 1st Bengal Brigade, which reached Kandahar in April 1839. He led the storming party at Ghazni in person and marched on to Kabul, where he was left with the army of occupation and was joined by his wife and daughter. When the Indian government stopped the subsidy to the frontier tribes, Sale was ordered to clear the route back to Peshawar, and during the campaign sustained a memorable siege at Jalalabad, November 1841- April 1842. The relieving force found that he had already broken out and routed Akbar's lines. Sale received the thanks of Parliament, a medal was struck for all ranks, and Sale returned to Kabul. Lady Sale, while Akbar's prisoner, had managed to save her diary, which was published in 1843.

Item Date:  1843

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