KELLER (Helen, 1880-1968, Deaf & Blind American Writer, Lecturer & Scholar)

Fine Typed Letter Signed to Mr Thurber, apparently James (1894-1961, the almost blind humorist and New Yorker cartoonist), thanking him "with a happy heart ... for being interested in the work of the American Foundation for the Blind", his "generous gift has kindled a light which will throw its beam of usefulness wondrously far" in their "dark world", talking of the Association's study of "the employments in which the blind are actually ... wage-earners, and other callings which might be possible to them ... When the blind are usefully employed, they feel greater than their misfortune because their human pride is satisfied with the sweetness of accomplishment", sending a folder [not present], and ending "May the light of joy shine in your heart because of your kindness!", 1 side 4to, 93 Seminole Avenue, Forest Hills, New York, 14th December

A fine and astonishingly even signature. James Thurber had returned to the New Yorker the year before this letter. In 1955, he was on the committee set up by the AFB to celebrate Helen Keller's 75th Birthday.

Item Date:  1928

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