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BADEN POWELL (Robert, Lord, 1857-1941, Defender of Mafeking & Founder of the Boy Scouts)

Typed Letter Signed with a fine full signature to E. A. Robinson thanking him for his "kindness in sending me the copies of 'The Mite'. It is quite the smallest book I have ever seen, and it is an interesting momento of my visit to Grimsby ...", 1 side A4, The Castle, Richmond, Yorkshire, 13th August

Item Date:  1909
Stock No:  40471      £525

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BADEN-POWELL (Lady Olave, 1889-1977, World Chief Guide, Chief Commissioner for the Girl Guides, wife of Sir Robert)

Interesting but very badly Typed Letter Signed signed to Mrs Morley marked "Personal" saying she "could HIT myself, I am so CROSS with myself for not coming to see you to say good-bye or anyhow for not even TELEPHONING as I meant to to have a little last word before we left. But we rushed up to Kandy, you know, and when I got back there wasn't a moment. All the same qui s'excuse s'accuse - and I DO feel very ashamed ... you DO KNOW ... I mean every word of what I say in this accompanying letter, which is a more of less 'official' one of thanks ... Just use it as you like - put it in the press if you care to .. perhaps you would just like to ask Lady Stubbs what she thinks as possibly SHE might like to say something too about how pleased she was with the RALLY, as it was the first one with her as actually Island Commr. ... I know that all that Rally and the good state of Guiding NOW in the Island is so largely your doing, and though each succeeding Commissioner - Lady Southern and then Mrs Wodeman - all 'did their bit' THIS moment's organisation and the Rally is YOUR 'pigeon' - and I do congratulate you personally .. it is just splendid to see the thing so big so keen and so alive, and I am sure that Lady Stubbs will do all she can too to help you .. It HAS been so nice seeing you personally again like this and in the midst of your own triumph in your work ...", 2 sides 4to., P & O.S.N.Co. headed paper, S.S. 'Corfu', 18th November

Item Date:  1934
Stock No:  40463      £225

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BENEDICT XVI (Pope, Joseph Alois Ratzinger, b.1927, 265th and reigning Pope)

One volume of 'Church Ecumenism & Politics' signed 'Joseph Card Ratzinger', inscribed "For Fabian Chancy" and dated, together with some related ephemera, 1 volume paperback 8vo., 25th January

Item Date:  1988
Stock No:  40509      £475

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BERNSTEIN (Leonard, 1918-1990, American Musician & Composer)

Postcard Photo signed and inscribed "Every good with to Jo Benham", showing him head and shoulders in profile, 5½" x 3½", no place, no date, circa

Item Date:  1940
Stock No:  40512      £325

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[BLOCK (Julius 1858-1934, Philophonist of German origin, Pioneer or Russian Sound Recordings)]

Unsigned Russian Cabinet photograph of an unidentified sitter inscribed on the verso to Block the image shows a distinguished looking bearded man, half length with one hand in his jacket and the inscription says that it is "a memento to the respected Yuliy Ivanovich Block from a sincerely devoted [signature ... K. Samus ...?] ...", 6½" x 4¼", St Petersburg, 1st January

Item Date:  1894
Stock No:  40525      £75

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