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BALFOUR (Francis Maitland, 1851-1882, Naturalist)

ALS to the Rev. M. C. F. MORRIS (son of Francis Orpen Morris, 1810-1893, Naturalist) thanking him for his letter, and explaining that he has been very busy and has "not had time to answer it before this. I quite approve of the principle of the new land bird protection bill, but I am doubtful about the wisdom of the policy of bringing it forward in it present form. I do not feel certain that by asking so much you will lose all. There will I conceive be a tremendous opposition to the protection of the hawks etc and I think it is quite possible that it will be considered as a first step toward attacking shooting & sport. You will be glad to hear that I won a Trinity scholarship in Natural science this spring ...", 4 sides 8vo., Cambridge, 28th May

Item Date:  1871
Stock No:  39369      £375

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BEATON (Sir Cecil, 1904-1980, Photographer & Designer)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed to "Dearest Ava", Lady Waverley, signed "Cecil" (1896-1974, wife of Sir John Anderson, Viscount Waverley) writing from Los Angeles, "It's really unbelievable - little did I realise when I signed the dotted line that they wouldn't be making any of the picture in London. But even Ascot & Covent Garden are to be recreated in the back lot - & here I must remain - nose to suburban arcadian - ground - until the day they decide I'm no longer indispensable. Of course it's a job I have to do - & it will help pay my taxes - but never again! I'm too old to waste such valuable time. However I'm disciplining myself thoroughly - not to look at the ugliness surrounding me, & to read the classics & to see the only few civilised people there are hiding in these hills. My new bungalow looks out on a Walt Disneyesque patio - with Italian fountain, marguerites and jasmine - it's really rather pretty & I'm going to swim in the pool each morning before driving myself on the terrifying speedways to the Office. I've never before had a desk to sit behind and a secretary to keep people at bay - & it's all a series of Firsts for me. Perfectly good for the character if hard on the soul ... the weekends come as a blessing & are more important than they have been since boarding school. Tell me your news! I expect you are full of activity & verve. I expect you will be waltzing at Windsor Castle in honour of Princes Alexandra & in touch with the nation's protectors. It would be kind if you would write to your friend in exile, & tell me for example what you thought of Freddie's latest or Nicholas Lawford's previous ...", 2 sides 4to., Hotel Bel Air headed paper, Los Angeles, 1st April

Item Date:  1963
Stock No:  39372      £775

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BODANZKY (Artur, 1877-1939, Austrian Conductor)

Autograph Postcard Signed to Frau Anna Geissmar in Mannheim, in German with translation, saying that he has "never felt so well and send my warmest good wishes to you, Leopold, Berte and my other friends in Mannheim whom I often think about even though I am no longer Court Musician there ...", 1 side postcard, 26th February

Item Date:  1916
Stock No:  39310      £75

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BROUGHTON (Phyllis, 1862-1926, Actress, Stage Beauty)

Autograph Letter Signed to Mr Cecil thanking him for his "great kindness in writing in my book. It was extremely good of you ...", 2 sides 8vo., The Albion Hotel, Broadstairs, 29th June

Item Date:  1894
Stock No:  39312      £30

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BUCHAN (John, Lord Tweedsmuir, 1875-1940, Novelist, Governor General of Canada)

Typed Letter Signed to Mr Ritchie saying he had found his letter "on my return from America. Alas! I fear I cannot do what you ask me. I am so congested with engagements right on to the end of the summer that I dare not undertake any fresh ones. I know you will understand ...", 1 side A4, Elsfield Manor, Oxford, 18th December

Item Date:  1934
Stock No:  39307      £100

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