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[RADCLYFFE (3rd Earl of Derwentwater, 1689-1716, Jacobite, Executed for Treason)

Inventory of Household Goods for James Radclyffe headed "An Inventory of the Household Goods of the late Lord Derwentwater at Dilston House" and listing "At the Garretts - 7 plain Bedsteads, 3 with Blew & 4 with green coarse Kidderminster Curtains one side of the Rooms being hung with the same ... In the Servts Room ... 3 old Bedsteads with Ordinary beding to one ... On the same floor - 1 small Bedstead with Coarse Curtains ... 1 peer Glass Cracked ... On the same floor - A pr of small Bay Trees, 5 orange trees, 2 laurentines, 3 small Myrtles, 1 Spanish brome. In the Nursery - 2 Nunns Pictures, 1 old Chair, Old Bedstead. In the Dining Room - 1 Oval Table, 1 Card Table, 12 Carve Chairs, 2 prs of Window Curtains of White knotted Dimmety ... large Iron Stove. In the Passage - A Napkin press with drawers. In the Steward's Room - A small Bedstead with Curtains of Scotch Pladd with Hangings ... Bed Blanketts & Quilt ... a small Desk, an Easy Chair, 4 Carve Chairs, 2 little tables, 9 Old Pictures ... An Iron Stove, Tongs, fire Shovel, Poker and fender ... In the Maid's room - An Old Bedstead .. Chest of Drawers 7 broken Chairs ... In the Servts Hall - 2 long Tables ... Old brewing Tubbs. In the Cellars - 9 Empty Casks, 2 Thralls ... In the Kitchen - 4 Small Pewter Dishes, 10 plates, 3 old brass panns ... In the Scullery & Bakehouse - 1 Piggin, 3 Dough Tubbs, 2 Dripping panns ... In the Wash House - 8 Washing Tubbs ... In the Brew House - 2 Mashing Tubbs ..." the appraisal by Matthew Llewelin and Nicholas Tooke valued the contents, excluding the Earl's personal possesions at £22.19s and 742 deal boards added a further £45, the property was sold the same day - "The Goods before mentioned sold to Mr Ralph Wood of Needless Hall in the Parish of Harburn in the County of Northumberland the 17th Day of Aprill 1717 for the Sume of Sixty Eight pounds by me. Henry Gibbs ...", with a further receipt signed by Lewis Elstobb Receiver of the Exchequer for the money received from Ralph Woods on 14th August 1717, 2 sides folio, Dilston Hall, 17th April

Item Date:  1717
Stock No:  41664      £475

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RUSKIN (John, 1819-1900, Writer and Critic)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed 'J. Ruskin' to "Dear Mrs Thornley" thanking her for "those entirely exquisite embroideries of flowers - quite the best of their kind I have ever seen. May I try to do so this afternoon, better than I can in writing - and wish you and your family a happy New Year - especially such part of it as you may spare us at Coniston. I will come about four o'clock if I may ..." , 1 side 8vo., Brantwood, Coniston, headed paper, 2nd January

Item Date:  1885
Stock No:  41727      £975

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