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DU MAURIER (George, 1834-1896, Illustrator of Punch, Thackeray & Mrs Gaskell, Author of 'Trilby', creator of 'Svengali')

Autograph Letter signed to "My dear FRITH" (William P., 1819-1909, Artist) saying that "the drawings I am going to send to the R.A. have been reduced by photography, engraved, & published in 'Punch'. Is that any objection to my sending them for Exhibition? ...", 1 sides 8vo., 27 Church Row, Hampstead, Thursday, no date

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DUMAS (Alexandre, 1824-1895, fils, French Novelist, Playwright and Writer on Morals and Society)

Substantial autograph Manuscript Fragment, unsigned, in French, with translation and transcription, of an unused portion of his comedy 'L'Ami des Femmes', first produced in 1860, a dialogue between J[ane de Simerose] and de M[ontègre], with many corrections in the text, between the lines, or in the margin, made at the time of writing, Dumas explores as many as four versions of a sentence before continuing, Jane passionately asks Montègre whether, if her husband has broken his word, that is a reason to break hers, "So long as I am to keep his name, I must respect it", if a wife gave herself to another, "each of the two would have this right to despise her, for you would despise me in spite of yourself if I were to believe you ... Who do you take me for ? To put me in a web of lies, terrors, insults, adulteries ... to lower myself in the esteem of others and my own - Never", 2 sides folio on blue paper, old identification of the handwriting in French, no place, no date but watermark 'Towgood's Extra Super' dated very light mending of short side tears

Item Date:  1857
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