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WATSON (John Dawson, 1832-1892, Artist, Book Illustrator)

Fine original pen and ink sketch signed with initials and dated, showing a man full length wearing breeches, a coat and a tricornered hat, holding up a goblet to drink, 1 side 8vo., no place, conjugate blank laid down

Item Date:  1881
Stock No:  11217      £125

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WEISSMULLER (Johnny, 1904-1984, American Actor, original 'Tarzan')

Postcard photo signed and inscribed "Regards Molly", showing him full length as Tarzan, 5½" x 3½", no place, no date, ca.

Item Date:  1940
Stock No:  9494      £145

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WELLINGTON (Arthur Wellesley, Duke of, 1769-1852, Field Marshal & Statesman)

Signature taken from Autograph Letter Signed 3" x 2", no place, no date

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  41123      £75

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WHITBREAD (Samuel, 1764-1815, Politician, Son of the Brewer, Committed Suicide)

Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, returning "the papers which you were so good as to entrust to my care ... I highly approve your proposed Bill & if you bring it forward it shall have my earnest & most diligent support. What is of much more consequence, you will be gratified to find how much it is approved by ... Romilly[?]. I know the subject has long been under his consideration. I send you his letter, & the short note I showed you in the H. of Comm ... The wording of the Bill, before it is printed, will require considerable alteration & much more precision in the phrases - The word Child should invariably used to designate the poor object to be apprenticed ...", 2 sides 4to., Dover Street, 13th March slight discolouration on left hand edge

Item Date:  1811
Stock No:  11478      £65

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WINGATE (Sir James Lawton, 1846-1924, Landscape Painter, P.R.S.A.)

Original Pencil sketch signed, titled 'Spring Time' and dated, showing sheep grazing with a background of trees and hayricks, 8" x 6", no place, laid down

Item Date:  1882
Stock No:  11219      £125

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