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WAIN (Louis, 1860-1939, Artist famed for his Comic drawings of Cats)

Charming original pen and ink sketch signed with his stylised signature with an Autograph Rhyme Signed with his ordinary one “Those with feelings wondrous kind / Can love with felines ever bind...”, written in ink under a pencil sketch of a cat’s head, he is grinning wickedly and looking straight ahead, 6” x 5”, no place, no date, laid down on an album leaf

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Stock No:  42175      £2750

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WATERS (Elsie (1893-1990) & her sister Doris (1899-1978) Comediennes famous as ‘Gert & Daisy'

Fine Vintage photo by Sasha of London signed by both and inscribed by Elsie “With kindest wishes Elsie Waters (Gert)” and “& her sister Doris Waters (Daisy)”, showing them head and shoulders wearing evening dresses, 10” x 8”, no place, no date, circa slight creasing

Item Date:  1930
Stock No:  42184      £175

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WATTS (George Frederic, 1817-1904, O.M., R.A., Painter and Sculptor)

Fine Series of Four Autograph Letter Signed to “Dear Lady Sophia” the first saying that he is “gratified as I ought to be by the wish that among so many good portrait painters I should be selected. I have never been a portrait painter, though I have painted portraits, my desire always being to devote such experience & ability as I might have towards the endeavour with the greater Poets, after making the world if not wiser & better a little more joyful. No longer being absolutely obliged for bread & cheese, though far from wealthy, to paint portraits & accepting the verdict that my work in that direction is very unequal & not having the eyesight of earlier times (I am in my 76th year) I have for some time absolutely declined to paint portraits Professionally! I cannot run the risk of disappointing any one but myself! I have in this case great difficulty in refusing & perhaps might find time to paint Lord Selborne for m y own gallery of representative men on the understanding that the benchers of Lincoln’s Inn might claim it if they much cared to have it, but I cannot help feeling there are much better... portrait painters, indeed I could strongly recommend Sir J. Millais...”, 3 sides 8vo., 7th May, the next promising to “arrange sittings, I am glad you like my new Gallery picture, I think the subject beautiful. I am pleased also that you were interested in my Gallery at L.H.M. some of the best pictures are away on loan, the Gallery is open in the afternoon... I shall ask you kindly to let me have here any photographs you may have of Lord Selborne that I may get the characteristics into my head...”, 2 sides 8vo., 10th May, the third says he has “received from Mr Dixon a photograph... which being from a picture is no use to me, I do not want another man’s impression. If I get anything from it, it can only be that I ought not to undertake the portrait as I do not think I can paint one so likely to give satisfaction...”, 1 side 8vo., 17th May and finally he hopes “you will not think me changeable but when Lord Selborne sat I was struck with the spread of the fine forehead, on reflection I find the wig though generally a great advantage... in this instance... a cost too great to submit to... enable me to get rid of the ordinary abomination...”, 1 side 8vo., 14th June, the first three on Limnerslease, Guildford headed paper, the last from Little Holland House, Kensington, all

Item Date:  1892
Stock No:  42173      £575

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WAVELL (Earl, Archibald, 1883-1950, Field Marshal, Viceroy of India, Supreme Commander in India and Burma)

Good Magazine photo signed “Wavell F.M.” showing him seated cross legged reading a newspaper, wearing civilian clothes, 8½” x 6½”, no place, no date, laid down on card

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Stock No:  42177      £275

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WEBER (Richard, 1932-1010, Irish Poet)

Small Collection of material comprising a Long Typed Letter Signed to Professor Brumbaugh telling him that his letter “took almost a month to get to me here, via Mt Holyoke College. It is kind of you to ask me for an autographed poem for your exhibition. I enclose two pieces written in my fairly formal hand. GLENDALOUGH comes from my most recent volume, Stephen’s Green Revisited, available in USA from Dufour Editions Inc... who also carry my Lady & Gentleman... The other piece I send is so far uncollected, having just appeared in The Nation of October 19. Indeed a copy of the paper arrived alongside your letter, & I thought the poem’s topicality & the availability to you of The Nation might help you with the exhibition - if you intend placing the printed poetry alongside the handwritten versions. Incidentally, I’ve corrected a small misprint in the enclosed version of GLENDALOUGH... You do not say if you are paying poets for autographed versions. Now that I’ve left USA, after three years of teaching at Mt Holyoke, I have become aware again of the higher cost of living in Ireland. Indeed I fear I may have to go back again to USA or Canada... I left because I needed to get more of my own writing done... You mention... that you would be glad of help in addition to the autographed material. Can I be of help in this other, unspecified, area... we live in a cottage overlooking the Blessington lakes...”, 1 side A4, together with signed manuscript copies of his poems GLENDALOUGH and AMERICAN DOG DAYS each on 1 side A4, written in a very formal script, Ballyknockan, Valleymount, County Wicklow, Irish Republic, 19th October

Item Date:  1970
Stock No:  42171      £675

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