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BARRIE (Sir James M., 1860-1937, Scottish Novelist & Dramatist, Creator of ‘Peter Pan’)

Autograph Letter Signed to Mr Lamb thanking him “heartily for sending me your book. I look forward to the enjoyment thereof as soon as I can...”, 1 side 8v., Adelphi Terrace House, Strand, 22nd December

Item Date:  1920
Stock No:  42510      £325

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CALLOWAY (Cab, 1907-1994, Black American Band Leader & Entertainer)

Fine multiple image postcard photo signed with a photomontage of the Cab Calloway Orchestra with him in the centre, boldly signed underneath on the blank white, 5½” x 3½”, no place, no date, but annotated as

Item Date:  1934
Stock No:  42501      £275

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CAMPBELL (Sir Malcolm, 1885-1949, Holder of World Land & Sea Speed Records)

Reproduction of a charcoal and pastel drawing, boldly signed in blue fountain pen showing him head and shoulders looking straight ahead, 8½” x 6”, no place, no date, circa laid down on card

Item Date:  1930
Stock No:  42496      £350

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CARNARVON (Henry Howard Molyneux Herbert, 1831-1890, from 1849 4th Earl, Statesman, Colonial Secretary and Lord Lieutenant of Ireland)

Fine Autograph letter signed to an unnamed correspondent, annotated as J. R. Williams telling him that “Mr Corbett has had a relapse & I fear a very bad one. I have written to Mr Forster asking him to communicate the news to his mother as he knows the family but I sent you one line as you are so much her friend. I only heard this morning. Everything is being done that is possible but I fear his state is critical. My address is this till Friday morning - till Saturday morning 9 Circus Bath - Saty afternoon Highclere...”, 2 sides 8vo., Melbury, Dorchester, 26th November

Item Date:  1873
Stock No:  42495      £175

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CASALS (Pablo, 1876-1973, Spanish and Puerto Rican Cellist, Composer and Conductor)

Autograph Musical Quotation Signed headed “Praeludium J. S. Bach” and inscribed under a few bars of music “Souvenir de Pau Casals”, 5” x 3½” on card, no place

Item Date:  1934
Stock No:  42502      £275

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