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KIPLING (Rudyard, 1865-1936, Novelist & Poet)

Fine Autograph letter signed in full marked ‘Private’ to ‘Dear Sir Charles’ sending “Very many thanks for the Mason Monks[?] & the Power Alcohol[?] - which latter I will read and hold at your service for recall. I’m very glad that the... begins to move. My... there gives me the idea that he will hasten with an immense slowness - Express trains at 18 m.p.h. do not promise expedition. I’m horribly afraid I shan’t be able to be in Oxford on the 17th June but, even if I miss that, I expect we’ll be able to meet a little later on...”, 2 sides 8vo., Bateman’s, Burwash, Sussex headed paper, 2nd June

Item Date:  1922
Stock No:  41834      £875

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