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FERDINAND I (Prince Maximilian Karl Leopold Maria of Saxe-Coburg, 1861-1948, King of Bulgaria 1908-1918, ‘Foxy Ferdinand’)

Typed letter boldly signed ‘Ferdinand R’ with a subscription, in German with translation, to Dr Werner Kieschke, thanking him for his “kind letter... reached me here at Piestany which I have come to whilst following a minor follow-up cure at Trencin. It was a particular pleasure for me to read your kind words reminding me of the hours we spent together which, as they do for you, constitute some of my most treasured memories because of the abundance of sparkling conversation I heard whilst with your family. I was very interested to hear about the journey you are now about to make to the town where I spent tens of years working. I am especially gratified that the far-reaching preparatory work you have done with regard to extending Mitropa international facilities to the countries in the south-east has been more and more successful. Once the chaos of war is over, you will get all the credit when the vision of fast comfortable railway links between central and south-eastern Europe, which are already longed for today, can be brought to full fruition. In the meantime I hope that your Slovakian cure will prove very beneficial to you and your wife...”, 1 side A4 with a fine headed monogram with crown and collar at the head and original hand written envelope with seal, Piestany, 10th October

Item Date:  1941
Stock No:  42587      £375

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FIFE (James Duff, 1729-1809, from 1790 Baron Fife, from 1763 2nd Earl of)

Autograph letter signed to Colonel Faulkner saying he has received his letter “and the enclosures which I now return. I will take an opportunity of sending your application to the Foreign Office...”, 1 side 8vo., 4 Cavenidsh Square, 20th August

Item Date:  1880
Stock No:  42591      £75

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FREDERICA (1848-1926, Princess, Daughter of George V, King of Hanover, great-niece of William IV)

Charming carte-de-visite photo by Carl Jagerspacher, inscribed on the verso “In kind remembrance, Frederica Princess of Hanover...”, showing her three quarters length, in profile, seated at a table, 3 ¾” x 2½”, no place, no date, photographer’s board stamped

Item Date:  1877
Stock No:  42585      £175

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[FREDERICK (Duke of York & Albany, 1763-1827, 2nd Son of George III, Commander in Chief of the Army, ‘The Grand Old Duke of York’)]

Ivory and Steel Corn paring instrument reputed to have belonged to and been used by The Duke of York, mounted on card with contemporary description, 4 inches long

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  42590      £125

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