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HENRIETTA MARIA (1609-1669, Princess of France, Queen Consort, 1625, of Charles I), and her daughter HENRIETTA (Anne of England, 1644-1670, Youngest daughter of Charles I and Charles II's favourite sister) and 24 other signatories

Long Marriage Contract for Louis BELIN, "Kings Counselor and Auditor in his Chamber of Accounts" and Henriette Marie DE PLANCY the daughter of Queen Henrietta Maria's apothecary signed by the Queen and her daughter and many others, with an analysis of the content in French and English, in summary "Marriage contract between noble Louis BELIN, King's Counselor and auditor in his Chamber of Accounts, living in Paris, rue de Montmorency, parish of Saint-Nicolas-des- Champs, on the one hand, and Damoiselle Henriette Marie DE PLANCY, absent, represented by a noble man Pierre DE PLANCY, apothecary and valet of the Queen of England, and Damoiselle Louise GARNIER his wife, living in the enclosure of the Royal Palace, rue Saint-Honoré, parish of Saint-Eustache, his father and mother, on the other hand. – The future assisted by Damoiselle Anne MONSIGOT, his mother, widow of a noble man Claude BELIN, during his lifetime advisor secretary of the King and his finances, by noble man Gilles GAVEAU, King's Counselor, provincial controller general of the wars in the regiment of Normandy, his paternal uncle because of Lady Anne BELIN, his wife, by Gilles GAVEAU, his son, King's Counselor, provincial controller general of the wars in Guyenne, by Me Gratien MENARDEAU, King's Counselor in his Council and in the Grand Chamber of his Parliament, paternal cousin because of Lady [Geneviève] LE BRET, his wife, and by Messrs Mes Nicolas BOURLON, King's Counselor in Parliament, and Mathieu BOURLON, King's Counselor and Ordinary Master in his Chamber of Accounts, his first cousins maternal because of the ladies Anne and Catherine MONSIGOT their wives; the Sieur and Lady DE PLANCY assisted by Lady Henriette Marie, Queen of England, by Damoiselle the Princess Henriette, her daughter, by Mister the Lord JERMYN, by Madam the Countess DE KIMALMEAKY, Honorary Lady of the Queen, by Mister the Count DES CHAPELLES, ordinary butler of the Duke of Orleans, by Lady Françoise DE FIENNES, by Lady François DE MONBODIAC, widow of a noble man Jean GARNIER, during his lifetime master of the said Queen's wardrobe, maternal grandmother of the future, by Elisabeth GARNIER, wife of the sieur COIGNET, gentleman serving the said Queen, by Catherine GARNIER, wife of the sieur ARPE, maternal aunts of the future, by Geneviève GARNIER, her cousin, by Henriette Marie COIGNET, wife of the sieur VANTELET, and by [blank] DE LA GARDE, his cousin. – The marriage will be celebrated in the Holy Catholic, Apostolic and Roman Church. – Dowry of the future: 50,000 livres tournois, in advance on the estates of his father and mother; the Queen further promises to give her 10,000 livres for her affection. – Dower of 1,200 livres of annuity in the event that there are no children, reduced to 1,000 livres of annuity in the event of children ...", 6 sides folio, the Royal Palace Paris, 14th August

Item Date:  1655
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HOWERD (Frankie, 1921-1992, British Eccentric Comedian)

Large early press photo, signed on the white bottom edge and inscribed "to Rosie. The best of Luck", in a dark portion, showing him head and shoulders full face, 10" x 8", no place, no date, badly creased

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  11583      £50

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