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SABATINI (Rafael, 1875-1950, Novelist)

Fine signature, inscription “yrs very truly” and date on card, 3½” x 2½”, no place, May

Item Date:  1926
Stock No:  42546      £25

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SACKVILLE WEST (Vita, 1892-1962, Poet & Novelist)

Typed Letter Signed “Vita Nicolson” to Miss Patricia Kelly, saying that “it was such a pleasure to see you again and I am only sorry that I wasn’t up and thus able to see more of you. I had some difficulty in running my cousins to earth as there was no reply to their telephone in London, but I found them eventually having a holiday on Hayling Island. I am afraid it sounds rather as though they had got a Dutch girl to help with the children, but I gave my cousins your address and telephone number and asked them to communicate with you. We must hope that the Dutch girl misbehaves herself and has to be sent back to Holland...”, 2 sides 8vo., with original typed envelope, Sissinghurst Castle headed paper, 27th July

Item Date:  1960
Stock No:  42527      £575

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SALISBURY (Frank Owen, 1874-1962, Artist)

Fine signature and inscription “with compliments” on headed card, 4½” x 3½”, 62 Avenue Road, Regent’s Park, no date

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  42543      £15

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SALISBURY (Frank Owen, 1874-1962, Artist)

Fine signature on card 3¾” z 2½”, no place, dated in another hand 1st January

Item Date:  1929
Stock No:  42556      £15

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SALISBURY (Robert Arthur Talbot Gascoyne Cecil, 1830-1903, 3rd Marquess, Prime Minister & Foreign Secretary)

Autograph Letter Signed marked ‘Private’ to ‘my dear NELSON (Horatio, 3rd Earl, 1823-1913, Politician) thanking him for his “paper. Why don’t you bring in a bill. I am very anxious that any one who has ideas with reference to the improvement of th House of Lords should put them into a definite Shape, in which we can examine them. The proposition that a certain reform is necessary is one suitable for consideration. There is no initial objection to it. But the proposition that the House is bad and needs reforming somehow is a very different one - & could not be adopted in the form of a resolution or a motion for Committee without giving a dangerous foothold to the enemy...”, 3 sides 8vo., Foreign Office headed paper, 16th February

Item Date:  1888
Stock No:  42529      £125

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