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SALA (George Augustus, 1828-1896, Journalist & Writer)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed to the Sam TIMMINS (1826-1902, British Shakespearian Scholare and Antiquarian) saying that he is the "victim of uncontrollable circumstances, and the cruelty of Newspaper proprietors, being summoned to London this morning in some confounded affair of (journalistic) state. Ergo; I cannot avail myself of your kind invitation for tomorrow. But I hope to be back in Birmingham in a very few days. I am very sorry to disappoint you but a newspaper correspondent is twin brother to a Queen's Messenger, literally ...", 1 side 8vo., Great Western, Saturday morning, no date, small tear in left hand side not affecting the text

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Stock No:  40933      £125

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SHERIDAN (Richard Brinsley, 1751-1816, Dramatist)

Fine Document signed, addressed to Charles Cheere referring to an indenture "between Charles Cheere of Gower Street, Bedford Square ... and John Rose Drewe and Hugh Hammersley both of Pall Mall ... the said Charles Cheere in consideration of the sum of Two Thousand Four hundred pounds by the said Indenture expressed to be paid to him ... hath assigned unto the said John Rose Drewe and Hugh Hammersley one private Box of the Theatre Royal Drury Lane ... for the residue of a certain term of Fourteen years granted of and in the said Box as therein mentioned. Now the said Richard Brinsley Sheridan doth hereby acknowledge, testify and declare that the said sum ... to be paid ... as aforesaid was not nor was any part thereof paid to him ... the said Charles Cheere hath signed a receipt for the same ... the said Box having been demised to the said Charles Cheere in Trust with intent that the same should be by him assigned ...", 2 sides folio, with revenue stamps, and remains of papered seal, no place, 16th December

Item Date:  1796
Stock No:  40914      £775

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SOTHERN (Edward Askew, 1826-1881, Actor)

Fine signature and inscription "yours sincerely" on a piece of paper, 1 side 8vo., no place, no date, marks of former mounting on blank verso

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Stock No:  40931      £20

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SOUSA (John Philip, 1854-1932, American Composer)

Fine signature and date on a card 3½" x 2½", no place,

Item Date:  1903
Stock No:  40951      £75

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STRUBE (Sidney, 1891-1956, British Cartoonist)

Fine stylised signature in capitals on a piece, 6" x 1½", no place, no date

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Stock No:  40936      £25

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