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CAMPBELL (Thomas, 1777-1844, Scottish Poet)

Autograph Letter Signed to Mr Smith telling him that "Mrs Campbell is a good deal indisposed with a cold. I hoped however till within an hour to have had the pleasure of spending this evening with you but a Scotch clergyman (by singular accident he is named Macbeth) has called & has occasion to consult me at some length, as I take a particular interest in him, in his own prospects & affairs ...", 1 side 8vo., with integral autograph address leaf and seal, no place, Monday, no date

Item Date:  180
Stock No:  39465      £125

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CAROLINE AMELIA ELIZABETH (of Brunswick, 1768-1821, Estranged Queen of George IV)

Fine Autograph Letter in the third person, also signed at the end, in French with translation, to Count Strassoldo in Italy, saying that "she has put her Equerry Cavaliere Vassalli in charge of her affairs on the Continent, and ... desires the Count to offer him all assistance necessary to accomplish his mission", thanking him also for "the zeal he has shown her in her Trial; and in sending her witnesses who were essential for her Triumph", ending "With feelings of the highest regard", with the original autograph cover sheet to him as "Governor" and bearing a contemporary note in Italian "from H.M. the Queen of England", and her seal with its conjoined shields, the letter 2 sides 4to and conjugate blank, Brandenburgh House, London, 21st January together with prints of the King and his Queen

Item Date:  1821
Stock No:  39405      £775

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CASTLEREAGH (Viscount, Robert Stewart, 2nd Marquis of Londonderry, 1769-1822, Foreign Minister, Committed suicide and was buried in Westminster Abbey)

Autograph Letter Signed as Prime Minister to Sir William SCOTT (1745-1836, MP) saying that when he "recommended to me to appoint Mr Moncrief to succeed Dr Stoddart at Malta as Advocate to the Admiralty you stated that you had been referred by Mr Censing (?) to me, as he conceived that Appointments ... with this Office. Under this Intimation I am happy to express my immediate Readiness to accept your Recommendation & give Directions for Mr Moncrief's Commission to be prepared. But on examination of the Books of the Office no trace could be found of any appointment to an Advocate of the Admiralty at Bath by a Secretary of State for the Colonies. Dr Stoddart has since appeared & brought with him his Commission which is an Admiralty Commission. So the order for preparing a new Commission will originate with Lord Mulgrave. I have therefore thought it right to send an Extract of your letter to me on the subject to his Lordship with an Explanation do the Part I had taken upon it ...", 2 sides 4to., Downing Street, 23rd October torn on left hand edge with the loss of a few letters of the text

Item Date:  1817
Stock No:  39481      £175

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CHARLOTTE SOPHIA (Queen, 1744-1818, née Princess of Mecklenburg-Strelitz, wife of George III)

Signature 'Charlotte R.' apparently from a note, together with a contemporary engraving, no date but circa

Item Date:  1800
Stock No:  39406      £225

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CHRISTIE (Agatha, 1891-1976, Detective Novelist)

Typed Letter Signed 'Agatha Christie' to 'Dear Hilary' sympathising with her in her troubles although she doesn't think she can help much with the issue of giving a talk, she then answers several questions, "No, I do not think there is any golden rule for writing detective novels. They can be frivolous, serious, psychological, anything you please ... It is best to make a complete skeleton of a detective novel before you sit down to write ... you can begin with the murder, or you can begin with a certain amount of your characters. Of course, you, yourself, have to know who the villain is before you start ... I think what you call the 'formula' changes as you grow older. One would get tired of always sticking to the same one ..." the final question she had found "quite unanswerable. Ideas do come into one's head if one is a writer. I do not really know why, or where they come from - they just arrive ..", 2 sides 8vo., Winterbrook House, Wallingford, 21st September

Item Date:  1968
Stock No:  39494      £975

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