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CAUSLEY (Charles, 1917-2003, Cornish Poet, Schoolmaster and Writer)

Typed Letter Signed 'Charles' with autograph salutation and subscription to 'Dear Vernon' thanking him for his letter "about the piece in the Times Ed. I don't do much reviewing but was delighted at the chance of doing this one. Your book is a fine & honest & very moving one (if I may say so, yet again) and I hope it goes well - it certainly deserves to, and I'm glad to see that other reviewers seem to think the same. Maybe Jeremy would bring out all your autobiographical things in one book? It'd make a splendid collection. And I'm glad the poems are alongside the prose, too. Great that instead of falling-off (as I guess we're supposed to) you're very positively falling-on. Strength to your arm! ...", 1 side oblong 8vo., 2 Cyprus Well, Launceston, 14th November

Item Date:  1987
Stock No:  39578      £150

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CETEWAYO (1826-1884, King of the Zulu Kingdom)

Fine unsigned carte-de-visite photograph showing him head and shoulders full face wearing a tightly buttoned jacket and a hat, titled "Taken at Natal before his departure to England", 4" x 2½", no place, not date but July

Item Date:  1882
Stock No:  38773      £175

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CHARTERIS (Leslie, 1907-1993, Author of 'The Saint' Novels)

Fine signature and his typical sketch of 'The Saint' on his decorative bookplate, 5" x 4", no place, no date

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  39588      £55

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CHIANG YEE (1903-1977, Chinese Poet, Author, Painter and Calligrapher, 'The Silent Traveller')

Autograph Letter Signed to Lieutenant Jacob, thanking him for his letter and saying he is "very glad to know that you have taken a fancy to my humble works. I am very sorry to say that most of the originals of the illustrations in THE SILENT TRAVELLER IN OXFORD were sold in the exhibition at the Dreads Gallery ... There are a few left. I am passing your letter to my agent ... asking him to write to you about the unsold ones ...", 1 side 8vo., 28 Southmoor Road, Oxford, 20th March

Item Date:  1947
Stock No:  39581      £125

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CHURCHILL (Sir Winston Spencer, 1874-1965, Prime Minister)

Early clerk written letter signed to Councillor Harrop saying that he is "very glad indeed to hear from Mr Burn this morning that you have been elected Chairman of the Executive Committee of our Federation in N. W. Manchester, and I hasten to send you my congratulations. I hear that political activity is very great in the City just now, and I know I an rely upon you to keep everyone up to the mark. I shall look forward to meeting you on my next visit ...", 2 sides 8vo., Colonial Office headed paper, 3rd March

Item Date:  1908
Stock No:  39593      £975

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