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CARLYLE (Thomas, 1795-1881, Historian)

Signature and end of an Autograph Letter Signed "I remain Dear Madam Yours most obed", on a small piece, 3¼" x 1", no place, no date

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[CARLYLE (Thomas, 1795-1881, Historian)]

Fine unsigned Cabinet Photo by Elliott and Fry showing him head and shoulders in profile, with this head resting on his hand, 6½" x 4¼", no place, no date, circa

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CHARLES (Philip Arthur George, b. 1948, Prince of Wales)

Autograph gift tag, not signed to "Tony" wishing him "a very happy Christmas 'ignited'", 5" x 2" on card, no place, no date

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CHARLES II (1630-1685, King of Great Britain)

Important early Document signed at the head as King to his cousin Prince Rupert to "Right deare and right intirely beloved Cousin, We greet you well. Whereas our trusty and wellbeloved Richard Foord of Roterdam, Marchant, hath, by our speciall desires, lately freighted a shipp from hence, called the fortune of Roterdam with wheate, Rye, strong waters, and tobaccoe, and hath ordered the same to passe immediately into Irland under the charge of his Agent Henry Prigg who is to vend the said commodities in that Kingdome, being such as we conceive are wanting there and to make his return in merchandize and commodities from thence, or otherwise as he shall think fitt; And for as much as the said Richard Foord, hath assured us, whatsoever goods shall be delivered to the said Henry Priggs by your Order, that he will pay the valew thereof in money to us heere upon bills of Exchange from the said Prigg, according to such rates and prices as shall be agreed upon We intreate you therefore in the first place, to supply us with as much money as you may, for the relief of our great and pressing necessities heere and to deliver the goods ... the said Richard Foord being a person of knowen good affection to us, and one who hath suffered much for his loyalty to the King our late father of blessed memory, hath informed us that a shipp called the Henry of Dartmouth belonging to him and his brother (and whereof John Stafford was Mr) was lately taken at Sea in her returne from the Canaries by one Captaine Peach and carried into the port of Waxford in the Kingdom of Ireland. We being very desirous to gratify the said Richard Foord by all means in our power, as one that hath deserved etremely well of us, doe recommend him very earnestly to you that if the said Captain Peach have authority from you or be under your command all favor be shewed to the said Richard Foord concerning his shipp and goods taken as aforesaid Given under our signet at the Haghe, the 17th day of March 1649 in the first yeare of our Reigne ...", 1 side folio., Haghe, 17th March signature slightly faded, margin repaired without loss of text. Together with an early transcription which identifies the recipient as the address leaf is no longer present.

Item Date:  1649
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[CHURCHILL (Lady Randolph Spencer-, née Jennie Jerome, 1854-1921, American born British Socialite, wife of Randolph and mother of Winston Churchill)

Fine unsigned Cabinet photo showing her three quarters length, looking straight at the camera, holding her hands in her lap wearing a black dress with lacy sleeves, 6½" x 4", no place, no date, circa some slight spotting

Item Date:  1890
Stock No:  39344      £175

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