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GASKELL (Elizabeth Cleghorn, 1810-1865, Novelist, Author of 'Cranford')

Autograph Letter Signed to "Canon Bideson", recalling that he "was in want of a curate some little time ago, and I have a curate who is very much wanting a situation, in the shape of ... a young man of about 24, Eton, Cambridge, six months in Egypt and the Holy Land, and now very anxious to set to real hard work. His father writes to me 'If you know of a town-curacy to dispose of, I wish you would think of Frederick (Holland). He goes into the Church ... at Christmas and requires a title. A country-curacy he could easily get, but he wishes to begin work in some dense population, so as to become well-versed in hard work and learn something about human nature ... the kind of curacy to which a man is in the first instance appointed very often defines his after-clerico character, so I think him wise in endeavouring to get hard work as a deacon'. His father is a country Squire in Gloucestershire, M.P. for Evesham, and there is a small family living. Fred Holland himself is a very pleasant intelligent, thoughtful young man of excellent character, great in country-sports, & knowledge of all breeds of birds, beasts, stones and flowers. He took a good degree and I should think, belonged to what would be called the 'Broad-High Church'. I should extremely like to think of his working under you, and so I am sure would his father, did he know as much of you as most residents in Manchester do ...", 6 sides 8vo., Craystones Farm, Silversdale, Near Lancaster, 29th July no year but circa

Item Date:  1860
Stock No:  39383      £2250

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GEORGE I (1660-1727, King of Great Britain & Ireland, Creator of the Cabinet System of Government)

Fine letter signed in German with translation, with an autograph subscription, sending his "friendship and duty and, moreover, affection and best wishes to begin with, Serene Highness and Prince, beloved Cousin. From your Highness's cousinly and kind letter of the 26th December We learn that it has pleased God to recall from this temporal life your youngest son, Prince Friedrich August ... And out of our Christian sympathy with your Highness because of this untimely death, We therefore hope that the Almighty may compensate you by granting you great and lasting prosperity and many happy and joyous events ...", he has ended the letter after his titles "My dear Prince, Ever ready to serve you, Your loyal Cousin Georg Ludewig, Elector", 2 sides folio with impression of his papered seal on half of the conjugate blank, Hanover, 15th January lacking bottom half of conjugate leaf, edges frayed, rather browned overall

Item Date:  1708
Stock No:  21839      £850

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GORST (Sir John Eldon, 1861-1911, Minister Plenipotentiary in Cairo, Financial Adviser to the Egyptian Government and promoter of Local Government in Egypt)

Autograph Letter Signed to Shuttleworth saying that "there is no objection to your proposed return, so if you will put it on the paper, it can be taken as an unopposed return ...", 1 side 8vo., Privy Council Office headed paper, 13th May

Item Date:  1901
Stock No:  40894      £45

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