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[HAAKON (Prince Christian Charles, 1872-1957, 1st King of Norway on its independence from Sweden) & his wife Princess MAUD (Charlotte Mary Victoria, 1869-1938, Daughter of Edward VII, Queen of Norway) and their son Olav (1903-1991)

Delightful unsigned cabinet portrait by w. & D. Downey showing the bride seated with her husband standing behind her, with the young bridesmaids sitting on the floor at her feet and the older ones standing on either side, 6½" x 4", no place, (Buckingham Palace), no date but 22nd July

Item Date:  1896
Stock No:  39446      £275

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HARDIE (J. Keir, 1856-1915, Scottish Politician, Founder of the Labour Party)

Long clerk writtne Letter Signed with autograph salutation "Saluti, Karl mio! also Peccavi" apologising to a young protegee for losing his letter " When the Labour Representation Conference was meeting at Liverpool I received a lengthy communication from you. Desiring to enjoy it in peace & quiet where I could absorb its spirit and re-create the days which its receipt recalled I put it carefully away without reading it and have never since been able to set eyes upon it. I can safely say that scarcely a day has passed since then in which at one period or another I have not had you in mind & my conscience has upbraided me often for my seeming neglect and ingratitude but I know you will forgive ... Of late I have been comparing every day spent here with the corresponding day twelve months ago and when the skies are grey & the winds chill I live again in spirit the life we lived in those days and wonder whether you still worship daily at the shrine of Nephine beside the cave of St Ampeglio? Your battle of flowers will be over and your May Day and now St Ampeglio's day will be approaching. Give my regards to Mr Barry & your young colleague in the bank. Make a special visit to Antonetti & give her my regards and when you see Margaretta tell here I have not forgotten here and ask for Marie. I hope her shadow does not grow less. And now my friend my heart thrilled with you in the great happiness which came into your life when you married. If only yourself and your life's companion have as much happiness as your merits entitle you to, then life for you both will be one long radiant dream ... You will, I know, be glad to learn that I am in excellent condition and still working on the old lines. The movement is doing splendid but I need not dwell upon that as you will glean all the information concerning if your require from the Leader. And here let me congratulate you on the very marked improvement in your manner & style of writing. There is a conciseness and a grip in your letters which was not quite so conspicuous in the the essay which you remember showing me ...", he ends by asking if he is coming to England and promising to spend time with him if he does with autograph subscription "your in the good cause, J. Keir Hardie", 5 sides 8vo., House of Commons headed paper, 3rd May

Item Date:  1905
Stock No:  39425      £350

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HARDY (Thomas, 1840-1928, Novelist & Poet)

"The Dynasts", Limited Edition signed by the author in the first volume, two out of three only, edition of 525 printed on large paper, portrait frontispiece signed in pencil by artist Francis DODD (1874-1949,Portrait Painter), printed throughout in black and red type "composed in the Baskerville Fount and printed on hand-made paper at the Chiswick Press, London", leaves unopened, original batik-style paper-covered boards with vellum spines, gilt lettering to spine , London, Macmillan,

Item Date:  1927
Stock No:  39393      £375

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HARDY (Sir Thomas Masterman, 1769-1839, Admiral, Nelson's Flag Captain)

Brief Autograph Letter in the third person presenting his "compliments to Lieut Bastard and begs to offer his best thanks for having settled his little account with Lt Wright which Sir Thos now encloses ...", I side 8vo., with original autograph envelope signed, Admiralty, 3rd May

Item Date:  1833
Stock No:  39456      £575

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HASTINGS (Lady Elizabeth, 1682-1739, Benefactor and Philanthropist)

Fine Document signed appointing George Stead of Wetherby as gamekeeper for the " Manors of Thorparch Collingham ... in the County of York to look after and take care to preserve the Game there and to also allow in my name full and free Liberty License and Authority to hunt hawk fish and fowl within my manors aforesaid for my use from time to time...", 1 side folio, Leadstone, 9th September 1738, a few years later, after the death of Lady Elizabeth, the deed was used as a basis for a later grant of the same office, by W.G. of Skelton in the North Riding to George Stead for Thorp Arch only in 1748. The grant therefore has some corrections and words added but the original remains clear, save for the two manor names, the signature of Lady Hastings is unaffected, on the second page there is an endorsement by Thomas Pulleyn, Clerk of the Peace for West Riding, that this game warrant was registered in the records of the Sessions of the Peace on 4th October

Item Date:  1738
Stock No:  39418      £475

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