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HÉLÈNE (Princess of Waldeck, 1861-1922, wife of Leopold, 1853-1884, 1st Duke of Albany, son of Queen Victoria)]

Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs Royle (the wife of her late husband's physician, Arnold Royle) thanking her and her "Husband for your Christmas gifts. it is dear of you to trouble about us though we are absent. Your Husband's present looked so formidable that I am keeping it carefully under lock and key, & I trust that on the principal of, nothing bad happening when one is prepared, all pain poisoning & suffering will be banished from my house by the charm of that little case. We are very happy here & frightfully busy so excuse haste & just take our most hearty true & loving good wishes for the New Year ...", 4 sides 8vo., on paper with a crowned monogrammed "H". Osborne, 28th December

Item Date:  1894
Stock No:  40507      £125

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HERVEY (Revd. James, 1714-1758, Clergyman and Writer)

Page of Autograph Manuscript headed "Print the Head at length", starting "1st then, let me enlarge etc - Heaven, & ye Heaven of Heavens are his, with all their Hosts, Thrones & Dominions, Principalities & Powers, all the happy beings, that sit at ye Fountain-Head of Felicity, were produced by his Power, & are supplied with Blessings from his Hand, are filled with Joy from his Countenance ... Every great Endowment, bestowed on ye Children of Men, every noble Achievement, accomplished by renowned Personages; these derive their Original from ye un-created Fountain of Perfection & of Power ...", and he continues in the same vein, 1 side 4to., no place, no date, mounted with an engraving

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  40462      £575

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