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[PARNELL (Charles Stewart, 1846-1891, Irish Nationalist Leader, fighter for Home Rule)]

Secretarial letter signed with a 'PP' signature to Ernest Hart (1835-1898, Medical Journalist) saying that "the reply from the treasury having not yet come to hand, I think it better to postpone tomorrow's meeting of the Board till a later day of which due notice will be given ...", 1 side 8vo., House of Common's headed paper, 28th July

Item Date:  1884
Stock No:  39367      £165

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PEDRO V (1837-1861, King of Portugal)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed in English to General Wylde, Prince Albert's Equerry saying that he has "charged General Barrios who will deliver to you this letter of mine with studying military establishments and institutions particularly the Ordnance in England, Belgium, Prussia, Austria, Piedmont and France. In doing so I thought it proper to apply to you, as you are perhaps in the way of being useful to General Barrios in his work. You will oblige me very much in obtaining for him an introduction to Lord Hardinge and in showing to him the military establishments at Woolwich. I hope you will too introduce him to Colonel Samuel Colt or in his absence to his brother the judge whose revolver manufacturer I wish the General to visit, as one of the most perfect establishments of that sort I have ever seen. The Senate arms factory at Enfield I would also wish General Barrios to visit and to be able to study. I do not know if I cause you any trouble by requesting you to do so many things ... I remembered the happy days we spent in England, in doing so. Pray, dear General, to agree the most heartfelt sentiments with which I am your most devoted friend ...", 4 sides 4to., Lisbon, 5th January

Item Date:  1856
Stock No:  39323      £250

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