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PAXTON (Sir Joseph, 1801-1865, Architect of the Crystal Palace, Landscape Gardener at Chatsworth)

Final part of a long Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent giving instructions "the corner of the clump 4, it looks lumpish and bad, take out the dot where the cross is at 5. No. 6 wants cleaning ... 8 wants more distinctiveness ... 10 put in a few more little trees, Asia and Africa look excellent ... The Gardeners Calendar you shall have down in the morning ... the Naturalist Calendar is very good ... We have deemed it expedient to give the prices of Fruit & Vegetables as they are sold at Covent Garden Market, we know that in various parts of the country the prices will ... vary but still it will be a guide to acquaint such persons who want to send their garden produce to Covent Garden Market ... Put in the ... ornithological dictionary and the extract of the Butcher Bird the paper is in the proof state ...", 3 sides folio, no place, no date paper watermarked Whitman

Item Date:  1830
Stock No:  39812      £250

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PHILIP II (1527-1598, King of Spain, Husband of Mary Tudor)

Fine Letter Signed with a stamp 'Yo el Rey' to the Royal Procurator saying that "because we want to see the acts of the consignments or assignments in which your occupation did censuses for the benefited people of the benefits founded by our very honorable predecessors, The Lord Kings. You will send us two or three of the most modern of them (the acts) and you will explain very particularly why these consignments are made and the benefited people are not paid for that. (Also) who has each benefit, ordinary revenues, and all of the things that are offered to them, in doing so, we will be at your service ...", Ebara, 26th February

Item Date:  1586
Stock No:  39566      £1250

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