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RITCHIE (Lady Anne Isabella, 1837-1919, Novelist, Daughter of Thackeray)

Autograph Letter Signed to 'Dear Nina' asking if she is "disengaged on Friday next ... Mr W. Innes kindly said he would dine to meet a young protegé, Anton MAASKOFF ..." (fl. 1919-1943, Violinist) "a violinist & Dr Rumpelstinsky [?]. I think they are really remarkable. The boy is barely 17 ... they will play a little ... come and dine at 8 or could you and your mother look in later ...", 2 sides 4to., 109 St George's Square, Tuesday, no date

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ROBERTSON-39791-1.jpg THE NAVY IN 1768
ROBERTSON (of Lyme Regis)

Autograph Letter signed to "My Lord" saying that when he "last had the honor to see your Lordship at Rainham you was so very kind & good as to offer your Lordship's assistance in regard to the Promotion of my Nephew, who was then aiming at being made a Master and Commander. This he have sometime ago obtained with a Promise of being employed, but as few Sloops are now put in Commission his prospect of Employment is rather distant for which reason if I may presume to request your Lordships Assistance with Sir Edw. Hawke to get my Nephew Capt James Robertson employed I shall be much obliged to your Lordship and a Ship on any station will be acceptable to him and hitherto he have distinguished himself as an officer of Merit and I doubt not he will continue so to do and is very desirous of being employed ...", 1 side 4to., with a note on the verso that the letter is "to shew to Capt. Manby",Lyme Regis, 26th October

Item Date:  1768
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ROBINSON (Frederick John, 1st Viscount Goderich, Earl of Ripon, 1782-1859, Prime Minister)

Exceptional Autograph Letter Signed to Lord HARDWICKE (Philip Yorke, 3rd Earl, 1757-1834, Politician) thanking him for his letter "and for all the obliging things which you are so good as to say with respect to myself, and the situation in which the King has been pleased to place ([me]. It is a situation which I can truly say I never either coveted or sought, and with the terrible responsibility & pressure of work. I should be overwhelmed were it not for the assurances of support which I have received from many quarters most material to enable me successfully to get thro' my arduous task ...", he continues about Sir Charles STUART (1779-1845, Diplomat, Ambassador to France and Russia) "I can however venture to say this much to you, in confidence, that I did at the earliest opportunity open the question of the Peerage in the proper quarter where it was most favourably received, altho' (as might be expected) some difficulty was felt as to the moment at which it should be actually done ... I consider the question is one about which I feel a strong personal interest, which will prevent me from overlooking it ..." he has a message to Lady Hardwicke to tell her "that I find upon enquiry at the Home Office, that apartments are no longer given to any one in Holyrood House so that I cannot help ... I found the Pension list of Scotland ... If I am in a situation to deal with such matters next year, I shall not forget Lady H's application ...", 4 sides 4to., Downing Street, 28th August 1827 together with an autograph corrected draft of an Autograph Letter to "My dear Lord", heavily corrected and amended saying that the British Government has a duty "not to pass over in silence on the present state of the Portuguese Question ...", 3 sides 4to., no place, 1823, the letter

Item Date:  1827
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RUSKIN (John, 1819-1900, Writer and Critic)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed ('Ever faithfully yours J. Ruskin') to Miss Cooke daughter of Ebeneer COOKE (1837- 1913, Pioneer of Art Education and Teacher) saying "anything so provoking as the way things go in this world would make any world not made of clay and lead like this, split itself into fits. I'm under solemn vow to be at Winnington all this last week of the holidays! and have already disappointed them (they are gracious enough always to say they are disappointed) of three days already and it can't be helped anyhow. Can you try beyond Saturday? I would come and see you on Sunday or Monday but I can't stop just now ...", 2 sides 8vo., no place, no date

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