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STEPHEN (Sir Leslie, 1821-1904, First Editor of the Dictionary of National Biography, Father of Virginia WOOLF)

Portion of an Autograph manuscript Signed on the right hand side, including references to Carlyle "I can fully pardon Carlyle for the assertion ... that the school of Ricardo, Bentham & James Mill was 'materialist' ... & thought too much of more industrial conditions of progress. It was natural from his point of view. I confess to feeling some indignation when his ... utterances are taken up & repeated vehemently ... who have never taken the trouble to understand their ... position; and not differ from him ... coolly & scientifically the usual conditions ... of the proposed remedies ... But is economy scientific. That is a question on wh. I suspect that Jowett would have followed Mill in taking a rather exaggerated view of the claims of his favourite study. Admitting that it is possible to construct a science setting forth the laws of the production exchange and distribution of wealth no one can deny its vast importance. If we could accurately state the conditions under which the ways of the labouring class could be permanently raised ...", the left hand side of 1 side folio, no place, no date

Item Date:  1886
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