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[WILHELM I (1797-1888, Emperor of Germany), his wife AUGUSTA (1811-1890, née Princess of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach) and their extended family]

Remarkable unsigned Composite Cabinet Group Photograph, titled in German, The Kaiser's Family, showing them with their family, 31 images in all, seated and standing around ina fine sitting room, including the Emperor's brother KARL (1801-1883) and sister ALEXANDRINE (1803-1892, Dowager Grand Duchess of Mecklenburg Schwerin, nos. 6 & 5), their son FRIEDRICH WILHELM III and his wife VICTORIA (1840-1901, daughter of Queen Victoria, nos. 3 & 4), their daughter LUISE (1838-1923) wife of FRIEDRICH I (1826-1907, Grand Duke of Baden, nos. 7 & 18), with their grandchildren and their families including WILHELM II (1859-1941, no. 8) and CHARLOTTE (1860-1919, wife of BERNARD (III, of Saxe-Meiningen, 1851-1928, nos. 12 & 13), VICTORIA (1862-1930, of Baden) wife of GUSTAF (V, 1858-1950, of Sweden, nos. 21 & 22), and their great-grandchildren, including FEODORA (1879-1945, of Saxe-Meiningen, no. 14) and baby FRIEDRICH WILHELM (1882-1951, son of Wilhelm II, no. 10), also the Emperor's nephew FRIEDRICH KARL (1828-1885, 'The Red Prince', no. 23) and family including daughters MARIE (1855-1888, widow of Hendrik, brother of Willem III, no. 26), ELISABETH (1857-1895) wife of FRIEDRICH AUGUST (1852-1931, Grand Duke of Oldenburg, nos. 29 & 30) and LUISE MARGARETE (1860-1917) wife of ARTHUR (1850-1942, Duke of Connaught, nos. 27 & 28), and nephew ALBRECHT (1837-1906) with his wife MARIE (1854-1898, of Saxe-Altenburg, nos. 32 & 33), 4¼" x 6½", published by Gom von E. Hader, Berlin,

Item Date:  1879
Stock No:  40628      £125

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WORDSWORTH (William, 1770-1850, Poet Laureate)

Fragment from an Autograph Letter not Signed "My dear Sir" on one side and "was not opened till this morning. i hope you will excuse this apparent ...", 4½" x 1½", no place, no date

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  40627      £75

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