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BREWSTER (Sir David, 1781-1868, Physicist, Inventor of the Kaleidoscope in 1816)

Fine signature, 4" x 4", no place, no date

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Stock No:  41154      £40

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Cryptic autograph Note in Persian with an identification in another hand saying "I have a big envy from my name that I cannot explain this strange feeling. Wish I could conceal myself in the heart of my sweetheart ...", 1 side 8vo., on monogrammed paper, no place, no date

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Stock No:  41087      £150

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CHARLES (Philip Arthur George, b. 1948, Prince of Wales)

Fine Presentation photograph by Godfrey Argent with faded signature and date on the mount, showing him as a young man, in uniform with his hand on the hilt of his sword and his cap under his other arm, 5" x 4" on mount 7½" x 6", with a fine original PRESENTATION FRAME by Jarrolds of Knightsbridge, in green morocco with gilt Prince of Wales Feathers at the head 9½" max x 7", no place, February sadly the writing is faded though it remains distinct

Item Date:  1971
Stock No:  41097      £775

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CHARLES I (1600-1649, King of Great Britain & Ireland)

Exceptional Clerk Written Document signed at the head "Charles P" starting "Charles Prince of Wales Duke of Cornwall and Yorke and Earle of Chester ... Baronett ... generall greeting. Whereas we are given to understand ... have already payde unto Some of Our Tradesmen and Artificers the some of ... 6th James Purbey in the right of Dennis Giboard Shoemaker ... in part of the moneys due unto them ... the finall determination of all ... in the time of the Lords from Purbeck late M[aste]r of our Wardrobe and ... among onto them and the rest of the Tradesmen Artificers and others in full ... thirty eighter pounds eight shillings and eight pence ... hereunto annexed. These are to will and require you oute of the trea[sury] ... paye unto all and everie the Tradesmen Artificers and others all and everie such ... unto them respectively. Taking severall acquittances under their hands ... together with their acquittances shall be a sufficient warrant ... five hundred thirty eight pounds eight shillings and eigth pence and every ... and thirtie pounds already payde as above Saide' and also to our Auditor generall ... to give allowance of the same. Given under a privy Seale at the Courte ... July in the yeare of the reigne of our deare Lord and father Kinge James of ... Scotland the 16th 1622 ...", 8½" x 7" on vellum, Scotland, 16th July neatly trimmed on right hand edge

Item Date:  1622
Stock No:  41062      £2750

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CHARLES I (1600-1649, King of Great Britain)

Important Long Autograph Letter Signed "Your loving Oncle & most faithfull frend Charles R" to Prince RUPERT (1619-1682, Prince 'Rupert of the Rhine', Cavalry Leader under Charles I, Scientist and founder of Hudson Bay Company, Nephew of Charles I) saying "Nephew, indeed I have this advantage of you that I have not yet mistaken you in aniething, as you have me: as for your coming back towards Shrowsberry, I doe approve of & it is no wais contradictry to that opinion sent to you by Parson for it was not only left soly to your judgement, but it had a reference by Lewis to your strenth of wch we had no certaine knowledge & now it fals out the better, because of the Retreate that my Lord Hopton has made before Wales, wher though the losse was verry inconsiderable (except the loss of some few brave Officers) 400 being the most, in all bothe of horse & foote, the Rebelles losses being certainly more (some thinks twys as many) yet because they have something to bragge on it may get them so much credit as to be able to recrute Essex, his Army, in wch Case, it is requisit that yours be not far from me. I hope, in few dayes, to be able to venter another blo for my foote came offe in good ... order, Er now, I heer that the apparance of horse is better than we expected. So referring the particulars of my resolutions to my Secretary, the cleering of mistaking to my L. Jermin, in dispyte of all wch, & what else the Devill can doe, you shall still fynde me ...", 1 side folio with annotations on the verso, Oxford, April edges frayed but professionally repaired without loss of text

Item Date:  1644
Stock No:  41063      £17500

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