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CAMILLA (Queen, formerly Parker-Bowles, b. 1947, Wife of King Charles III)

Typed Letter Signed with autograph salutation and subscription to Andrew, thanking him for “the lovely box of chocolates you so kindly sent me. As usual they were greatly apprciated...”, and hoping he had an enjpyable Christmas, 1 side 4to., on her personal notepaper, Raymill House, Reybridge, Lacock, Chippenham, SN15 2PF

Item Date:  2002
Stock No:  38562      £475

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CATHCART (Charles Schaw, 9th Lord Cathcart, 1721-1776, Lieutenant-General, Soldier and Diplomat, Chief of the Clan Cathcart)

Autograph Letter Signed 'Cathcart' to an unnamed correspondent saying that “your letter of the 25th of Novr last was sent from London to Doncaster in the expectation that I should receive it upon my Road from Scotland, and been but just retuned to me from that Place which is the reason why I have not taken an earlier opportunity of thanking you for it. Give me leave to do it now, and to request the farther favour of you to send the Box addresst to me in Dover Street, either by Land or Water Carriage as the size of it may render most advisable. If its bulk makes a Water Carriage preferable you will be so good as to address it to the Car of Mr Henry Foot in Durham Yard in the Strand...”, 1 side 4to., Dover Street, 21st January

Item Date:  1768
Stock No:  41767      £375

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[CHARLES III (Philip Arthur George, b. 1948, King of Great Britain, Former Prince of Wales)]

Christmas Card with AUTOPEN signature ‘from Charles’ under the printed message of greeting, opposite a most cheerful colour photograph showing him seated on a stone bench with Princes William and Harry on either side of him in huge terracotta urns, 8” x 6” folded ivory card with the Prince’s gilt insignia of Crowned Prince of Wales Feathers on the front, with the original envelope addressed to C. Jones in Bromley, postmarked Buckingham Palace, 15th December

Item Date:  1994
Stock No:  41762      £475

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GASKELL (Elizabeth Cleghorn, 1810-1865, Novelist, Author of 'Cranford')

Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs Scott saying she had “hoped to have been able to get over to Halliwell Lane today to call on Miss Bathurst, & explain to you that we are expecting some friends of Marianne’s tomorrow night, which will prevent our coming to you as we should much have liked; but I have been detained at home all day; and I must trust to our post being more speedy than usual in carrying this note out to Halliwell Lane. I heard of your return from Mrs James Heywood, & I should have called sooner for I wanted to see you: but I have been completely knocked up by the smell of house-painting. In great haste...”, 3 sides 8vo.,with some accounting notes on the blank 4th side, presumably by the recipient, no place, no date but the accounts dated September

Item Date:  1853
Stock No:  41760      £2500

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GENÉE (Dame Adeline, 1878-1970, Ballerina, Founder-President of the Royal Academy of Dance)

Vintage hand tinted postcard photo by Beagles, signed and inscribed “Yours Sincerely” and dated, showing the young dancer three quarters length wearing a long white dress with a green sash and a large frilly hat, 5½” x 3½”, no place, 28th July

Item Date:  1905
Stock No:  41772      £55

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