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GLADSTONE (William Ewart, 1809-1898, Prime Minister)

Early Autograph letter signed to F. F. Courtenay asking him “to send me by return of post my ‘special list’ of applications for appointments. I should be glad also to have a quire of letter paper & a couple of quires of note paper. The former might be... length-wise for convenience of carriage. I cannot think more lightly of your aid in consequence of a note so kind & which does you so much honour as that I have just received from you. Be so good as to let the letters to Mr Rogers go immediately...”, 2 sides 8vo., Fasque, 23rd September

Item Date:  1844
Stock No:  41773      £175

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GLADSTONE (William Ewart, 1809-1898, Prime Minister)

Long Autograph letter signed to the Secretary of the Edinburgh, Perth & Dundee Railway Co., saying that “upon receiving a few days ago the circular and proxy relating to the arrangement contemplated between the EPD and the North British Companies, I, without much consideration but simply placing as usual my confidence in the Directors sent my proxy in their favour. I have since learned that there is a difference of opinion respecting the bearing of the plans on the ordinary shareholders and it seems that the prices of shares have fallen since it became public. Now though I am an ordinary shareholder my largest interest is in Preference Shares; and I am very reluctant to be mixed up in any matter of serious controversy on which I am imperfectly informed, and especially when it touches the respect interests of different classes. Under the circumstances and it being impossible for me to put myself in a position to obtain full information, I have to beg that my proxy may be considered as suspended and not put in use at the meeting ... I shall not in any case interfere against the Directors...”, 4 sides 8vo., Hawarden, 23rd September browned and frayed at the edges, repaired

Item Date:  1861
Stock No:  41774      £275

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GOLDSCHMIDT (Otto, 1829-1907, German Pianist and Composer, husband of Jenny Lind)

Autograph Letter Signed to Lady Katharine, saying that “We hope to see you for the Short Soloist’s rehearsal for Schumann’s Mignon Requiem - if you arrange it - on Tuesday next at 12 at my house...”, 1 side 8vo., 1 Noreton Gardens, South Kensington, 5th June

Item Date:  1880
Stock No:  41770      £150

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GRENFELL (Joyce, 1910-1979, Comedy Actress)

Autograph Letter Signed to Miss Kit Stewart on an Air Letter form, saying that she hasn’t “written to say how touched & pleased I was by that lovely first night cable. I loved getting it... It was a wonderful 8 weeks. Smashing notices, audience’s warmth & kindness. Now for some TV and then home in the New Year. I don’t quite know when. It’s been a lovely experience & has made me understand & love America far more. I used to be faintly resentful in some ways even though I am ½v½. But there is such a sense of loving kindness & real neighbourliness & love here that I’m won over. We only see the tough materialistic touristy side - that exists too,, so does Smash Broadway, cigars, guns & toughness. But these are surface stuff like Edgware Road. The core is good...”, 1 side folio, with autograph address on the verso, Lamelton Hotel, West 55 St, New York City, postmarked 3rd December

Item Date:  1955
Stock No:  41771      £125

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GRENVILLE (1st Baron, William Wyndham, 1759-1834, Speaker 1789, Prime Minister 1806-1807, from 1790 1st Baron) and Sir Robert LISTON (1742-1836, Diplomat)

Finely Penned Document signed by both, first by Liston as Ambassador to the United States, (1796-1800), who “humbly craves payment... of Extra Extraordinary Disbursements incurred in His Majesty’s Service” since “the 5th Day of July... 1800... transmitting his dispatches to and from New York... Journies... by himself and others, the Purchase of Official Papers and other incidental Disbursements”, and by Grenville (as Foreign Secretary), also signed “This Bill is agreeable to Practice Jas. Hammond”, 1 side 4to, Philadelphia, 10th October 1800 and Downing Street, 11th December

Item Date:  1800
Stock No:  56570      £425

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