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FOX (Charles James, 1749-1806, the famous Whig orator, opponent of Lord North over America, friend of the Prince of Wales)

Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent returning "your enclosures with many thank. The contents are what I expected. If the Papers exist, Gordon is the only man likely to know where they are and to get at them. If he does get them I must then apply to him. Pray excuse me dining out. I have made a sort of rule upon that subject which I wish never to infringe ...", 1 side 4to., St Anne's Hall, Friday, no date

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  40998      £175

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FREDERICA (1848-1926, Princess, Daughter of George V, King of Hanover, great-niece of William IV)

Superb unsigned Imperial Cabinet photo by Byrne & Co, showing her three quarters length with her back to the camera but turning around so in profile, dressed in a plain white robe seamed with pearls with a crown, cloak and veil, 13" x 8½", no place, no date, circa

Item Date:  1888
Stock No:  41007      £225

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GEORGE III (1738-1820, King of Great Britain)

Fine  Autograph Letter signed  with Initials 'GR', in his bold hand to an unnamed correspondent saying that "on receiving the two Boxes yesterday morning I perceived that the one was not intended for my perusal and sent it to the Messenger which gave rise to the mistake of his going to London previous to my dispatching the other Box, which I therefore sent by a safe hand at a later hour ...", 1 side 4to., Windsor, 8th February

Item Date:  1796
Stock No:  40960      £575

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GEORGE IV (1762-1830, King of Great Britain)

Fine example of the rarer Pass Ticket to the Coronation, printed in blue, with a vignette of the North Side of the Abbey in the centre, and an embossed edge, above the blind stamp of the Earl Marshal, inscribed on the verso "Henry Howard Molyneux Howard, Deputy Earl Marshal", 8½" x 7", Westminster Abbey, no date but 19th July

Item Date:  1821
Stock No:  40968      £375

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[GOUNOD (Charles François, 1818-1893, French Composer)]

Signature with place and date mounted with a fine Unsigned carte de visite Portrait Photograph, showing him head and shoulders in a coat, wearing a close fitting fur hat, 4" x 2½", London, 21st May

Item Date:  1872
Stock No:  41017      £225

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