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CHURCHILL (Sir Winston Spencer, 1874-1965, Prime Minister)

Interesting Playing card with reproduction of Churchill’s signature on the back and copy letter of authentication from his Nurse, Muriel Thomson, explaining that the cards were used by the Churchills to play Bezique having been presented to them by Bernard Baruch, 3½” x 2½”, no place, no date

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  42429      £150

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DAVID (Elizabeth, 1910-1992, Cookery Writer & Chef)

Autograph Letter Signed ‘Elizabeth’ in a Christmas card to an unnamed recipient sending that she has “sent a card to Birgit and Frank explaining that I had my telephone number changed - an effort to abolish temptation and get on with my book - the measure hasn’t been crowned with conspicuous success. It drags and drags, has become so long I’ll have to cut acres of it. But I suppose I had to spend the time doing the necessary research. As you will know, behind three or four lines, there often lies a month of writing and re-writing and re-writing again... I would so like to take you to the Lebanese restaurant. Had a gorgeous lunch there last week, at the management’s invitation...”, 2 sides inside a card with a printed greeting and a reproduction of a print in the V & A ‘Mince Pies’, on the front, 6” x 4½” on folded card, no place, Christmas filing holes not affecting the text

Item Date:  1974
Stock No:  42433      £375

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DAVID (Elizabeth, 1910-1992, Cookery Writer & Chef)

“English Potted Meats and Fish Pastes”, signed on the inside front cover Elizabeth David Kitchen Utensils series, 20 pages sm. 8vo., original brown and black printed wrappers, wire-stitched as issued, printed by Hopkins & Bailey Ltd, Birmingham, together with an Autograph Note Signed with initials “This booklet not out of print - doubt if I shall reprint it in its present form - this is about the last copy - very faded and battered because it’s been in our window”, 1 side 8vo., on her headed paper, 46 Bourne Street, London, 21st April

Item Date:  1972
Stock No:  42417      £875

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DE LA MARE (Walter John, 1873-1956, Poet and Novelist)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed to “Dear Rosemary” SISSON (1923-2017, Dramatist and Novelist) when she was a child, saying that she “mist, when you wrote, have hard a little bird calling. I was talking to you - & thoroughly enjoying myself - only a few days ago, & then, your Letter. It is ages since the last. Then you were about so high and now it is SO. I shouldn’t (after devouring that photograph) like to be the ball even for half a chuckka if you ever go in for Polo! What a marvel Daphne is! Please give her my love & the greatest Respect. I wish indeed I could see the Cottage. Next time I come alive I have vowed to do two things - ride like a Centaur & swim like a Sea. So perhaps you wouldn’t mind giving me a few lessons if we meet early? I am not a bit surprised the poems have left off for a while, & am sure when you thought (I hope knew) they were getting bad it was best to stop. Mark my words, they may begin again... Do you mind old stories - really exciting ones like Little R.R.H’L? - after they have been spoilt by somebody’s meddling... but it’s only to bring you my love & some more to your father and mother...”, 2 sides 4to., Hill House, Taplow headed paper, 11th October

Item Date:  1935
Stock No:  42425      £325

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DE LA MARE (Walter John, 1873-1956, Poet and Novelist)

Fine Typed Letter with autograph amendments Signed to “Dear Rosemary” SISSON (1923-2017, Dramatist and Novelist) when she was a young girl, thanking her for her letter and saying he had “no notion that you could possibly have said Goodbye to Cheltenham. I wish indeed I could have seen you there, but for some other reason than a lecture. The fact that there were all those silent faces when I came can only have been Obedience to Orders. I remember mounting only the first step of the intimidating eagle reading desk and then discovering that I could scarcely see over its beak. Do send me the translation some day. Cuckoos; I forget names with the greatest of ease, but not cuckoos. I can remember seeing four in one leafy tree near Salisbury, one flying over the Thames at Oxford and one when I was sat in the garden here actually alighted on the top of a pole a few years away - no doubt to be admired, or did she think my hat was a Meadow Pip’s nest? This year I saw our swallows the day before I heard the first cuckooing - April 20th. I am sad about Wordsworth., but believe he is chiefly the elderly’s poet, so I am afraid is going to be rather a long time before you forgive his Little Lucy’s!...”, 1 side 4to., Hill House, Taplow headed paper, 3rd May

Item Date:  1937
Stock No:  42426      £250

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