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OUSELEY (Revd. Sir Frederick Arthur Gore, 2nd Bart., 1825-1889, Founder and Warden of St. Michael's College, Tenbury, Composer, Organist, Musicologist and Priest)

Autograph Letter Signed with a bar of music to "My dear Deffell" Saying "Sympathy is it? or what mesmerists call the 'actio in distans'? or what else can it be? But sure it is that when your 'poor feet' were bad, I had a touch of foot-botheration, when you had Diarrhoea, I had a sharp touch of it too! Consequently as I feel particularly well today, I am buoyed up with the hope that it means that you are so likewise. By the bye - Did I send you copies of my last compositions - 2 Partsongs & 4 Anthems? If I didn't I will - that is if you care to have them. Remember me particularly to Miss Deffell ...", signed and with a bar of music in an 'O', 3 sides 8vo., St Michael's College crested paper, Tenbury, Easter Tuesday

Item Date:  1887
Stock No:  41266      £125

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