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SABINE (Joseph, 1770-1837, Writer on Horticulture, brother of Sir Edward)

Autograph Letter Signed to Dr RAFFLES (Thoms, 1788-1863, Congregational minister) passing on the Keeper's regret "that he was not able to wait on you during his short stay at Liverpool. The packing the animals he purchased from Chapman occupied more of his time than he expected & thus he was prevented calling on you ... we are most pleased with the result of his mission, especially as he has I hope engaged Mr Munro of the Liverpool Royal Institution to act for us in the matter of animals which may arrive at your port. If you have any power of getting speedy communication made to Mr Munro of any importations likely to suit the Society, you will render us much service by so doing ...", 2 sides 4to., with integral autograph address leaf and seal, Zoological Society, 33 Bruton Street, 1st May

Item Date:  1829
Stock No:  39782      £275

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SELBORNE (Maud Palmer, Countess of Selborne, 1858-1950, wife of the 2nd Earl 1859-1942, Political and Women's rights Activist)

Exceptional Autograph Letter Signed to Mr Baddeley saying that she thinks "your suggestion is a very good one and I have sent your book on to Mr Fyfe ... I enclose the figures of infant mortality which I spoke to you about. They are curious, whether you draw the deductions which this leaflet does or not. I was looking at those for 1911 the other day, & they are much the same. The United Kingdom is I think relatively rather worse on account of the very hot dry summer. The most inexplicable thing is the very high German figure. I think we may say that it proves that the political woman is no worse at her own job , than the political man is at his. I really don't know why anyone should have supposed she would be. It is difficult to believe that the difference in legislation is responsible for the improvement. The woman voting countries have better laws on sanitation and the protection of children, but I don't think that can make the difference between let us say 72 in Norway & 170 in Germany. I expect the difference is really moral. That the men in the countries which have given women votes, accept more often permissive standards, & also that the mothers are more deferred to in the lower classes. However, these are the figures & they certainly deserve consideration ... Figures never were my strong point & I am aghast at the number I make it. So I will state the problem for you. A population of 70 millions with a birth rate of 37 per thousand living out of every 1000 babies born 170 dies before they are a year old. Of those 170 90 might be saved. How indignant you would feel if you heard that an invading army had massacred all those children, but you only think us cranks because we are trying to suggest that somehow or other we do succeed in saving the children's lives. You won't even take the trouble to go into the evidence & see what we have to say for ourselves. Well I suppose every reformer has felt like this ...", with a postscript "the chances are you will not even work out that sum", 4 sides 8vo., 49 Mount Street, 25th February

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SHELLEY (Percy Bysshe, 1792-1822, English Romantic Poet)

Fine small signature on vellum 2½" x 1", no place, no date

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  39723      £1250

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SMITH (Sir William Sidney, 1764-1840, Admiral )

Fine Document signed cerrtifying that John DOUGLAS (died 1814, Officer of the Royal Marines)"Esquire Colonel of Marines disembarked on the 27th day of November 1799 with a party of Marines under His Command by my Orders from his Majesty's Ship Tigre under my Command and served with the Turkish Army on Shore at Jaffa and also at the siege and capture of the fort of El Arish. Given under my hand on Board His Majesty's ship Tigre at anchor off Barrutta this eleventh day of January", signed as "Captain of H.M. Ship Tigre and Senior Officer Commanding His M. Ships in the Levant Seas", 1 side 4to., 11th January

Item Date:  1800
Stock No:  39787      £575

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SPENDER (Sir Stephen, 1909-1995, Poet & Critic)

Autograph manuscript draft poem signed, from his poem "Under the X Ray sun two poètes", 21 lines starting "murdits sit drinking absinthe = PAUL / The aging[sic] satyr and half a saint / Lecherously lachrymose priest / Abandoned wife, child for RIM / Angel of Hell ..." and continuing with many alterations and corrections and an odd line at the bottom "soul exposing obscenities", 1 side folio, no place, 19th June no year.

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  39771      £225

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