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LAWRENCE (T.[homas] E.[dward] 1888-1935, ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ British soldier, scholar and author of ‘The Seven Pillars of Wisdom’)

Superb long Autograph Letter Signed (‘T. E. Shaw’) to his cousin Milicent Lilian Teresa FETHERSTONEHAUGH (1894-1971, his cousin and a friend of Thomas and Emma Hardy) saying that it “was nice to think of Dorset again, as I read your letter. Miramshah is the Clouds' Hill only in that we burn wood for fuel. Otherwise it is a tiny brick fort, all ringed with barbed wire, in which 25 R.A.F. and 700 India troops live very shut up and peaceful lives. They will not let us go beyond the barbed wire and the aerodrome: so when I want fresh air, I take it in the air, literally! We are 3000 feet up, and it is cold. The mountains all about us are snow-dressed for their top 4000 feet. in the hollow, with us, there is no snow and very little frost: but it is cold enough to make an excuse for wood fires: and they are very luxurious. Afghanistan is only ten miles away. The newspapers in England seem to have had a burst of curiosity about me lately, and to have put me in all sorts of queer places. Only they haven't said Miramshah. Yet Miramshah is quite a queer place. I hope to come home in 1930. The delay is for a film about me to be produced and forgotten: and the film-magnate who proposed to do it has turned coy: probably he is short of money. I hope so, for perhaps he'll give it up: and that will be a great relief to me. I'm glad you see Mrs Hardy. She must have felt very unrooted when T. H. went: almost worse than you and Okers Wood, for T.H. must have been a great experience, as a house-mate: and the shadow of his reputation will be very heavy on her while she lives. Her first volume on T.H., is, I see, out: I've read bits of it. If you see her, will you say that I was delighted with the way they ran? It struck me, as once before, that it was as good as another book by the old man. I do wish people didn't die. He was worth going round the world just to see for five minutes: and now it's all over. A stupid little letter this: but I'd defy Samuel Pepys to fill a diary at Miramshah. It's like being in cold storage. My regards to B and the Morris! Yours, T. E. Shaw'...”, 4 sides 8vo., with original autograph envelope, 338171 A/C Shaw R.A.F., Miramshah Fort, Waziristan, India, 11th November

Item Date:  1928
Stock No:  41759      £17500

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LISTER (Lord Joseph, 1827-1912, Pioneer of Antiseptic Surgery)

Autograph Letter Signed to “My dear Madam” regretting “that, as I do not return to London till the 15th inst, I cannot see your son on Friday next. I shall be ready to do so on Tuesday the 16th at 12.30. Or if you would prefer an opinion earlier I would suggest that you might with great advantage consult Professor Watson Cheyne, 75 Harley Street...”, 2 sides 8vo., on black edged mourning paper, High Cliff, Lyme Regis, Dorset, 7th January

Item Date:  1894
Stock No:  41761      £375

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MARGARET (Rose, 1930-2002, Princess, Sister of Queen Elizabeth II, Countess of Snowdon)

Affectionate Autograph letter Signed ‘Margaret’, to ‘Darling Jean’ thanking her “so much for having me for the weekend - As usual it was a lovely relax, I’m only so sorry that it ended the way it did. It was so terribly kind of you to let me take away that little keepsake of darling Elizabeth - it means a lot to me. Here is the cheque for the chair. I hope you can get one two. See you soon I hope & with many thanks & masses of love...”, 2 sides 8vo., on Kensington Palace headed paper, 27th October

Item Date:  1980
Stock No:  41765      £750

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[NEWCASTLE (Duke of, Thomas Pelham-Holles, 1693-1768, Prime Minister)]

Contemporary copy letter with copy signature, when Secretary of State (Southern), to Governor Henry Worsley, saying that “His Majesty considering the length of time that you have been at Barbados has been pleased to appoint Mr Chetwynd to succeed you... with His most Gracious Acceptance of Yo.r Services”, allowing him to leave “the Care of the Governmt. to the President of the Council... or to wait for Mr Chetwynds arrival”, and hoping “it will not be disagreeable... after so long absence to return home to Yo.r Friends” including the writer, 1 side 4to., Whitehall, 14th May laid down on light paper, title ‘Coppie of Leave...’ on verso can still be read

Item Date:  1731
Stock No:  19987      £45

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PERCEVAL (Spencer, 1762-1812, from 1809 Prime Minister, Assassinated)

Autograph Formal Letter in the third person presenting his “compliments to Dr Burney and begs he will have the goodness to transmit to Mr Perceval, in writing, the Representation of the Society of Schoolmasters respecting the hardships under which they conceive themselves to labour in the collection of the Assessed Taxes...”, 2 sides 4to., Downing Street, 25th May

Item Date:  1810
Stock No:  41527      £375

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