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LIND (Jenny (Goldschmidt), 1820-1887, Singer, ‘The Swedish Nightingale’)

Autograph Letter Signed “Jenny Lind-Goldschmidt” to “Dear Madam” saying that she has “through Mrs Schwabe, received your kind invitation for the 18th inst and in thanking you for having thus kindly thought of me and my husband, I beg to say that we shall be happy to accept your kind invitation...” 2 sides 8vo., Oak Lea, Wimbledon Park, 10th February no year, postmarked

Item Date:  1870
Stock No:  42453      £350

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LONGFELLOW (Henry Wadsworth, 1807-1882, American Poet)

Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, saying that he has “received the enclosed yesterday. Do you think the matter worth the attention of the Hist. Society?...”, 1 side 8vo., Cambridge, 22nd February

Item Date:  1860
Stock No:  31717      £375

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LUDWIG II (1845-1886, Mad King of Bavaria who built Magnificent Castles & was a patron of Wagner, drowned in the Starnberg Lake)

Excellent clerk written Document Signed with a printed heading, in German with transcription and translation, appointing Dr Christian Bäumler as Professor of Pharmacology in the faculty of the University Erlangen, signed also by Lutz (Eduard Ritter von, 1810-1893, Minister of War, 1863-1866), with large papered seal with the King’s arms as ‘Rex Boioariae’, elaborate and attractive lithographed lettering filled out in pen, 1 side folio and conjugate blank, Munich, 15th April

Item Date:  1874
Stock No:  41962      £1750

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MACAULAY (Dame Rose, 1889-1958, Writer and Traveller)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed to Miss O’Malley telling her that she does “write short stories gratis, but i do not think they have merit for your purpose or, indeed, for any other (though the last thing I want to do it to crab my own work). I find sketches or articles less of a strain on. my intellect, as a rule. May I come and see you sometime & talk about it, as you suggest, or could you come & have tea with me... South Kensington, where I stay when in town...”, 2 sides 8vo., Hedgerley End, Beaconsfield, 13th December year illegible

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  41838      £175

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MACMILLAN (Harold, 1894-1986, Prime Minister, from 1984 1st Earl of Stockton)

Brief Typed Letter Signed with autograph salutation to Dr Harlow sending him “a cheque for a guinea, as my contribution to the cost of the gift to Professor Coupland...”, 1 side 4to., Macmillan & Co. headed paper, St Martin’s Street, 12th December

Item Date:  1935
Stock No:  42445      £125

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