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MCKENNA (Virginia, b.1931, British Actress) with Angela BADDELEY (1904-1976, Character Actress) and Joss ACKLAND (born 1928, Actor)

Programme for "A Little Night Music" by David Kernan signed by them all on their photos, 11 pages 8vo., Adelphi Theatre, the Strand,

Item Date:  1975
Stock No:  40832      £65

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[MILL (John Stuart, 1806-1873, Philosophical, Radical Reformer & Economist)]

Unsigned carte de visite photos by John & Charles Watkins showing him head and shoulders in profile, 4" x 2½", no place, no date, circa

Item Date:  1865
Stock No:  40820      £225

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NAPIER OF MAGDALA (Robert Cornelis Napier, 1810-1890, Field Marshal, 1st Baron)

Final two pages of an Autograph Letter Signed 'Napier of Magdala' to Franz Hill concluding that "the name will come before me for a vote that has not been carefully considered by the managing committee - when once names come in the formal manner I give my votes first to any whom I know and failing any such, to the candidate that seems most to require help ...", 2 sides 8vo., Camberley, Surrey, 11th April

Item Date:  1884
Stock No:  40829      £75

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NEAGLE (Dame Anna, 1904-1986, Actress)

First Day Cover Signed on the envelope stamped "London 1980 International Stamp Exhibition" with the stamp and postmark, 6½" x 3½", Royal Opera House, 7th May

Item Date:  1980
Stock No:  40841      £35

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RICKENBACKER (Edward Vernon, 1890-1973, World War I Combat Pilot, America's Ace-of-Aces & Daredevil Auto Racer)

Fine Typed Letter Signed to Bill Jeans in New Zealand, thanking him "for the copy of Weekly News Annual 1962. It is filled with tremendously interesting and beautiful spots in New Zealand and brings back many memories of our trip to New Zealand last summer. I am taking it home .. to show Mrs Rickenbacker ...", 1 side A4, Eastern Air Lines headed paper, New York, 7th November

Item Date:  1962
Stock No:  40830      £375

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