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SMILES (Samuel, 1812-1904, social reformer, author of ‘Self-Help’ and ‘Lives of the Engineers’)

Fine Letter Signed to Sig. Ceccarini thanking him for his letter which he has “been much too long in answering... I have been very busy, besides being in the country on two occasions - once to bury my little grandchild at South Shields. I also received the photograph of my bust. I cannot very well judge myself but I think it very like me. Make my very best thanks to Signor Rossetti. I do not think I shall be in Italy this year; but if my health keeps well, I think I may visit your delightful country next year. Mr wife, by the way, has got a tough of Roman fever. It still clings about her, and no amount of Quinine will cure her. Still, she says she will accompany me, Roman fever or not. I observe from the papers, that Mr Ashworth, an old friend of mine died at Florence last week of Roman fever. But he was of an advanced age, and had done his work, he was a great opponent of the Corn Laws. I am glad to hear that you have undertaken to go to Australia with the noble works of Signor Rossetti, to spread his fame over the world, he richly deserves all he has received. So far as I can, I will sound his name amongst the representatives of Art. Our Academy is now open, but I have not yet seen it. Painters here, as well as at Rome, complain of the badness of the times. They cannot sell their pictures, with a few exceptions, but things must come round by and bye...”, 3 sides 8vo., 4 Pembroke Gardens, Kensington, 21st May

Item Date:  1880
Stock No:  42153      £175

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SMITH (Cyril James,1909-1974, Virtuoso concert Pianist)

Printed Programme signed on the front above the photo inside is the programme with historical and descriptive notes by Dr Henry Coates, 2 pages 8vo., no place, no date

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  42150      £35

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SOUTH (Sir James, 1785-1867, Astronomer)

Autograph Letter Signed to L. SULIVAN (Laurence, 1783-1866, Superintendent of Military Accounts, 1811-1826, Deputy Secretary for War, 1826-1851) telling him that “On Thursday next there will be a Transit of Mercury over the Sun’s face - the Planet will glide on it at about Eleven in the forenoon and will be visibly on it at this place till about 4 o’clock in the afternoon - that is if the weather be fine... if yourself and family, or any of you would be content to run the risk of disappointment from interposed clouds, I shall be most happy to see you here, and do all in my power to shew it you in the best manner I am able. Let me list to the Ladies however that they wrap themselves up warmly, particularly about the feet, as it is to be hoped that they may be able to observe it with the large telescope in the open air...”, 2 sides 8vo., Observatory, Kensington, 6th November

Item Date:  1848
Stock No:  42139      £500

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SPENCER (Herbert, 1820-1903, Philosopher, Psychologist, Biologist, Sociologist, and Anthropologist)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs Meinerzhagen suggesting “you leave me to fix between the 6th & 8th August for the little ones to come, I decide upon the 6th for the reason that it gives me a chance of having them for an extra two days. Don’t be alarmed lest, as you intimate, they should be injured by too many goodies. I never give them save immediately after the midday meal, believing that if things of the kind are digested as port of the meal they are just as harmless and indeed as beneficial as other forms of sugar, which is a valuable element in nutrition - so valuable that if a supply of it is not given it has to be manufactured in the system. But I avoid always giving between meals, because of liability to interfere with appetite for the next meal. The transfer of the children from the station to this place will not be made by a hired vehicle. I will meet them myself, as I always do in such cases...”, 2 sides 8vo., Fairfield, Pewsey, Wilts, 21st July

Item Date:  1892
Stock No:  42151      £275

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SPENCER (Gilbert, 1892-1979, Artist, brother of Sir Stanley)

Superb illustrated ALS to Vera LANE POOLE (1890-1965, Vera Ellen Dendy, Painter, Wife of Austin Lane Poole, 1889-1963, Historian, from 1913 Tutor, then Fellow at St John's College, Oxford, President, 1947-1957) telling her that his “attention has been drawn to a notice in the Times about the Ruskin School & I hasten to tell you that since seeing you I have accepted the headship of the dept of drawing & Painting at the Glasgow School of Art. I feel that down south is ‘enemy occupied country’ where I am concerned & my appointment to Glasgow was unanimous. Which is at least a nice feeling to have altho as yet I have to earn their confidence. There are many things about the post that attracts me, the salary is a four figure one, I am able to give a fair amount of time to my own work, there are 22 weeks holiday a year & the summer vacation is from June 10 till Sep 27. Glasgow is a city of character & interest & I think for a time it might be good for my pointing if I don’t have the country quite so much at my beck & call - absence makes the heart grow fonder and I hope the eyes see better. We have been here for a month, this country has a kind of... fascination for me because Munnings is alleged to have declared that no artist ever succeeded in the North. I fear I think there is some point in what he said. We have not made up our minds as to what we shall do about the cottage, if we do sell it it will only be if we have got some.... alternative a bit further out from London but round about the same district. We walked to Brantwood this afternoon. I am quite sure Ruskin was a great man but I can’t stand him & his house...” here he has drawn a picture of Ruskin’s house with its many parts and continues “This is an exaggeration but I believe the only part standing when he took it over that marked X is nice simple house...” he ends signing back on the front page with a note “It was very good of you to interest yourself in my ‘case’”, 3 sides 8vo., c’o Mrs Herdman, Hoathwaite Farm, Conniston, 9th September

Item Date:  1948
Stock No:  42148      £575

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