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DE VALÉRA (Eámon, 1882-1975, Irish Statesman & Patriot, President of Eire)

Magazine Photo Signed in a slightly dark period, showing him in an overcoat, seated on a park bench, reading a book, 8” x 6”, no place, no date

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Stock No:  42398      £375

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DE VERE (Aubrey, 1814-1902, Irish Poet & Author)

2nd half of an Autograph Letter Signed with some text “me to profit by it, I will call on him when I am next at or near Salisbury if I possibly can...” with an autograph postscript that he rejoices “in the improved account of William...”, half of 1 side 8vo., no place, no date

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DELLER (Alfred, 1912-1979, Counter-tenor) with his accompanist Desmond DUPRÉ (1916-1974, Lutenist), his wife (1926-2014, Writer and Artist), Spencer LEESON (1892-1956, Headmaster fo Winchester and Bishop of Peterborough) and W. G. S. ADAMS (1874-1966, Scottish Political Scientist)

Signatures on leaf from visitors’ book, with several others, each dated and with their addresses, 1 side oblong 4to., unevenly removed from the book, dated from 20th October to 19th December,

Item Date:  1951
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DERBY (14th Earl of, Edward George Stanley, 1799-1869, 3 times Prime Minister)

Autograph Letter Signed to the Revd J. W. Edwards acknowledging receipt of his letter but regretting “that I cannot hold out much hope of my being able to comply with the request contained in it. Having only very recently exercised my right of nomination to the Charter House, it will probably be at least five years before I have another opportunity of doing so, and I cannot bind myself by any engagement for so distant a period, especially as I have already a large number of Applicants on my list...”, 2 sides 8vo., St. James’s Square, 11th June

Item Date:  1860
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DEVONSHIRE (Victor Christian William, M.P., 1868-1938, from 1908 9th Duke of)

Autograph Letter Signed to General Sir Arthur WYNNE (1846-1936, Anglo Irish General and Military Secretary) replying to his letter “in support of Mr Wynnes application for the living of Rye. I am afraid that I have already practically settled the appointment and am very sorry that I can hold out no hope of being able to offer it to him. Oncan well sympathize with their wish to leave Ireland...”, 2 sides 8vo., Chatsworth, Bakewell headed paper, 27th May

Item Date:  1922
Stock No:  42418      £125

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