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FITZHERBERT (Mrs. Maria Anne, née Smythe, 1756-1837, clandestine wife, 1785, of George IV)

Fine Autograph letter Signed to Miss Boyle saying that she is "happy to be able to offer you a place in my Box for the Opera tomorrow Night. I will if agreeable to you send my carriage for you a little before eight o'clock & come take me up as you perhaps wd not liking going there alone - I regret I was not able to have the pleasure of yr company last night ...", 1 side 8vo., no place, no date, Friday, lacking bottom left hand corner without loss of text

Item Date:  183
Stock No:  39498      £425

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FOX (Sir Charles, 1810-1874, Engineer, Worked with Sir Joseph Paxton and Sir William Cubitt on the Crystal Palace in 1851)

Autograph Letter Signed to John Warren and John Deere as Honorary Secretaries enclosing "a note from my friend Mr Haden who you will find very zealous in the good cause ...", I side 8vo., 8 New Street, 3rd April

Item Date:  1852
Stock No:  39486      £125

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FURNISS (Harry, 1854-1925, Caricaturist & Illustrator)

Excellent original pen and ink drawing signed with initials and dated showing a tall thin man in a top hat in profile with his hands on his hips, he appears to be laughing, 1 side 8vo., no place,

Item Date:  1890
Stock No:  39483      £150

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FURNISS (Harry, 1854-1925, Caricaturist for 'Punch' 1880-1894)

Delightful Illustrated Autograph Letter Signed to Barclay With an amusing picture of Furniss flying with angel's wings, titled "On the Wire", the letter says that he has "been travelling about for the last fortnight & just arrived here, Brading I. of Wight to join Mrs Furniss & family. They had received your very kind present of Grouse in my absence and much enjoyed it & I write to thank you heartily - although rather late in the day. I see by the label the Grouse comes from Cere & Mildmay but as your card was found inside I take it you have been the kind sender ...", and then saying that he is off to Leeds for the "meeting of the British Convention", 3 sides 8vo., no place but Isle of Wight, 27th August

Item Date:  1890
Stock No:  39485      £175

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FURNISS (Harry, 1854-1925, Caricaturist for 'Punch' 1880-1894)

Fine Illustrated Autograph Letter Signed to Barclay With a fabulous picture of Furniss in the Punch Offices, Mr Punch is looking and h has his hands on either side of his head in a gesture of despair, surrounded by his work in the background he is standing with arms outstretched at a lectern, the letter says "'Punch' Almanack work - Essence of Parliament - Royal Commission, Xmas work & no end of Lecture matters - quite put out of my head the fact I have to let you know about your kind invitation next Sunday. Well forgive me, and allow me to accept but if you have asked someone else to fill my place, dont hesitate to let me know ...", 3 sides 8vo., 23 St Edmund's Terrace headed paper, 8th November

Item Date:  1888
Stock No:  39484      £250

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