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FAITHFULL (Emily, 1835-1895, Propagandist for Women's Employment and Publicist)

Autograph letter signed to Mr Buckle thanking him for his "kind response to my pleas for destitute ladies ... in Praed Street. It will aid some bitter sufferings ...", 1 side 8vo., 50 Norfolk Square crossed out, Edinburgh, 17th June

Item Date:  1876
Stock No:  39831      £75

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FLEMING (Sir Alexander, 1881-1955, Scottish Bacteriologist, Discoverer of Penicillin), Augustus JOHN (1878-1961, Painter), Sir Ronald STORRS (1881-1955, Orientalist), Lord WEBB-JOHNSON(Colonel Alfred, 1880-1958, Surgeon), Lawrence BRAGG(Sir William, 1890-1971, Physicist noted for his work on X-Rays & Crystals, Nobel Prize winner jointly with his father in 1915), Sir Gerald KELLY (1879-1972, Artist, Portrait Painter), Charles CHESTON (1882-1960, Artist) and Sir Anthony EDEN (Earl of Avon, 1883-1977, Prime Minister)

The front cover of a menu for an Annual Dinner at the Chelsea Arts Club with an illustration of a bull and a cow smartly dressed up, the bull is holding his knife and fork out moving towards a steaming plate with a girl's leg on it, the signatures are on both sides, 11" x 8", Chelsea Art's Club, 30th April

Item Date:  1951
Stock No:  39829      £775

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