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ELPHINSTONE (John, 13th Lord, 1st Baron,1807-1860, Governor of Bombay 1853-1859, where he prevented a rising during the Mutiny, 13th Baron)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed, marked 'Private' to 'My dear General' saying he is "extremely concerned to say that I find that I was mistaken in supposing that your appointment to the Canada Commission would not be affected by the return of your Regiment to England & what renders this discovery the more distressing to me is the feeling that I have been the means of leading you into error upon this point. The orders of the Court are most peremptory on the subject & state that it is contrary to the orders of H.R.H. the Commander in Chief that officers should remain in India ... under these circumstances I fear that no other course is open to me, but to forego the advantages which I had hoped to reap from your assistance to the labours of the Commission. Deeply as I regret the loss of your Co-operation it is some comfort to me to remember that it was almost against your will that you consented to be placed on the Commission and that you were anxious to be speedily relieved from its duties - but whatever satisfaction I may derive from these private considerations I am not the less sensible of your loss on public grounds. I hope that I shall have the pleasure of seeing you at Madras, & that during your stay here you will take up your quarters with me. I shall make no excuses for asking you to a bachelor's house, which is always uncomfortable, & being under repair is perhaps at present even more so than usual because I know you are too old a soldier to be put out at such trifles ...", 4 sides 8vo., Madras, 19th October

Item Date:  1837
Stock No:  41103      £475

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ETTY (William, 1787-1849, R.A., Painter)

Signature on end of an Autograph Letter Signed in pencil saying that he is "glad if anything I do is of use to you ...", 4½" x 2", no place, no date

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  41132      £25

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FOX (Sir Stephen, 1627-1716, Statesman, Commissioner of the Treasury)

Rare Autograph Letter Signed to "Le Chevalier Bulstrode Agent du Roy a la Grande Bretagne à Bruxelles" Sir Richard BULSTRODE (1610-1711, Author, Diplomat and Soldier, supporter of Charles I and II and James II) saying that "At so short a morning as gives me no time for appollogy, I write to you my request that you will take care this enclosed letter may be given to the Lady to whom it is directed & shd by ye first passage you will give me the sattisfaction to be made known that it is accordingly delivered whereby I shall think my self obliged ...", 1 side 4to., with autograph address on the verso with two small wax seals, Whitehall, 23rd December

Item Date:  1681
Stock No:  41141      £375

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[GANDHI (Mohandas Karamchand, 1869-1948, Mahatma, Indian Patriot, Nationalist & Religious Leader)]

Unsigned Press Photo showing him in profile at Birla House just after he commenced his last fast, with typed annotation on the verso, "Gandhi Assassinated ... 30.1.48 ...The death is reported of Mahatma Gandhi the world famous Indian Leader ... This picture shows Gandhi at Birla House, New Delhi, just after he commenced his last fast, in an effort to ease trouble conditions throughout the country, He firmly rejected pleas from Princes and Politicians - Hindus and Moslems to abandon the fast ... He is reported to have been shot ...", 10" x 8", Birla House, nodate but

Item Date:  1948
Stock No:  41135      £225

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[GANDHI (Mohandas Karamchand, 1869-1948, Mahatma, Indian Patriot, Nationalist & Religious Leader)]

Unsigned Press Photo with typed description on the verso, "Gandhi (herself) is hit of Horseshow ... the Gandhi above is Miss Ruth Woolsey, San Francisco society miss, who 'brought down the house' at the San Mateo horse show with the regalia pictured above. She scored in the 'fancy turn out class' with this Mahatma Gandhi outfit, winning first prize ...", the picture shows the young lady in costume dressed in a sheet, riding a donkey, 9" x 7", San Francisco, 11th August

Item Date:  1934
Stock No:  41136      £65

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