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MARIA ALEXANDROVNA (Grand Duchess, 1824-1880, wife of Alexander II of Russia, daughter of Ludwig II of Hesse)

Autograph Letter in French signed with initials to Court Physician Sergey Botkin (1832-1889, famous Russian Clinician, Therapist, and Activist, one of the founders of modern Russian medical science and education), saying that she is "afraid of having contributed by the resentment that you have today by not having followed yesterday your prescriptions for Lepsan and ask you to forgive me. I understand that, as a doctor, you blame me, after having provided the most careful attention to the patient, which I am, you know, very grateful ...", ending with a line in Russian, with a postscript not to worry about answering too quickly as they will see each other soon, 3 sides sm. 8vo., on paper embossed with an Imperial mirror cypher with crowns, the cypher repeated on the back of the envelope, contained in a folded blue cardboard envelope with a label identifying the correspondent in Russian pre-Revolutionary style, no place, no date

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MARIE OF MODENA (1658-1718, 2nd wife of James II, Queen of Great Britain)

Fine Letter signed "Maria R" in French, with translation, to "My cousin, Cardinal Colloredo" thanking him for the "obliging testimonials which you give me on the occasion of the good festivities, the passion and zeal with which you are interested in all that concerns me, the expressions are so true and so pious that they are as edifying as they are obliging, they do not confirm me much in the resolution that I took a long time ago to wait with submission and resignation the effects of God's will whose judgements I will always adore, either he continues to afflict me or he is pleased to comfort me; the trust I have in your holy mothers makes me ask you for continuation by assuring you of that of the very particular esteem ...", 1 side 4to., St Germain en Laye, 18th January

Item Date:  1695
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MASEFIELD (John, 1878-1967, Poet Laureate)

Autograph letter signed to "Dear Sisters" thanking them all "for your very kind messages and cards; & wish you a happy return home, all the better for your holiday by the sea ...", 2 sides oblong 8vo., Burcote Brook, Abingdon headed paper, no date

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MORRIS (William, 1834-1896, Poet, Philosopher, Artist & Craftsman)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed in full to an unknown correspondent saying he would "be glad if you could let me know about the date of the Oxford Lecture, as otherwise it might be difficult to shift the day of my other engagement, in case you find that necessary for yours ...", 1 side 8vo., Kelmscott House headed paper, 25th October

Item Date:  1883
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NAPOLEON I (1769-1821, Emperor of the French)

Fine Letter Signed 'Nap[oleon]' in French with translation to the Duc de FRIOUL Géraud-Christophe-Michel Duroc, 1772-1813, General and Diplomat, one of Napoleon's closest advisers) saying that he has been told that the wages of "the Lancers of the Guard is 666. f.
and that of the second infantrymen of 765. f. - I understand very well that the old infantrymen who do their service by me have 765. f but my intention is that the second infantrymen, who are only ordinary soldiers who do not do the service by me have for first wage only 450. f. - would you draft for me a report and a project of decree. Second infantrymen and spearmen should not cost me more than 450. What is sufficient for hussar regiments should be for lancers and second hussars as well ...", 1 side 4to., Fontainbleau, 27th January

Item Date:  1813
Stock No:  39568      £6750

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