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HALLÉ (Sir Charles, 1819-1895, Conductor, Founder of the Hallé Orchestra)

Charming unsigned albumen carte de visite photo showing her half length in costume, 4¼" x 2½", no place, no date, mounted with a gilt fillet and a signature and subscription from the end of an Autograph letter to Walter Jay with the words "in tremendous haste ...", dated in another hand 18th July

Item Date:  1871
Stock No:  41296      £75

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HARLOW (Jean, 1911-1937, American Actress and Sex Symbol, the 'Blonde Bombshell')

Fine unsigned Vintage Photo by George HURRELL (1904-1992, American Photographer best known for his portraits of Hollywood Movie Stars) showing her three quarters length wearing a belted dress and matching hat with her hand on her hip, 14" x 11", no place, no date, circa

Item Date:  1932
Stock No:  41320      £175

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HAYDON (Benjamin Robert, 1786-1846, Historical Painter)

Autograph Letter Signed to 'Revd Dr Hook' (Walter Farquhar HOOK, 1798-1875, known as 'Dr Hook', eminent Churchman and Dean of Chicester) saying that "owing to the Times my Commissions have slipped away and I am actually now (in an interval) without order of any description. My Print of the Duke can't be out for me to collect my balance - & now I shall get into Debt. This is always the way with me. The Duke & Copenhagen I sent to the Bristol Gallery, I have just toned and completed it. I assure you - you will be pleased. What do you advise me to do? I am ready to do anything for reward, except a fat Lord Mayor ... a Col of Yeomanry with a prancing horse, or a family piece, but for comedy, history, pastoral - pastoral, comical, historical, pastoral - tragical - historical - tragical - comical, historical, pastoral, scene and visible or Canvas unlimited - I am your Man ...", 3 sides 8vo., London, 3rd June

Item Date:  1841
Stock No:  41276      £175

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JAMES I and VI (1566-1625, from 1603 King of Great Britain)

Superb Letter Signed 'James R' at the head to Sir Oliver ST JOHN, (1st Viscount Grandison, 1559-1630, Soldier and Politician, Lord Deputy of Ireland) appointing Robert Gosnold to the first company of horse or foot that should become vacant, as a reward for his services, and specifying that this should take precedence over any other appointments made since the original grant, excepting that of Captain Arthur Blundell to the company of Sir Francis Roe (MP for Tyrone and Mayor of Drogheda), which should stand, 2 sides folio with contemporary endorsements on the verso, "Captn Gosnold / The Next Company" and the address to Sir Oliver St John, Westminster, 11th November

Item Date:  1618
Stock No:  41292      £3750

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JESSOP Autograph Letter Signed to "Dear Madam"

(Augustus, 1823-1914, Schoolmaster and Historical Writer) telling her that his "arrangement with the Editor of XIXth Century precludes me from having any control over my articles till a year has passed sincer their first publication. I am therefore unable to give you a license to print the contribution you so kindly refer to till '89' is ended ...", 1 side 8vo., Scarning Rectory, East Dereham, 11th February

Item Date:  1889
Stock No:  41271      £75

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