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MACREADY (William Charles, 1793-1873, Actor)

Autograph Letter Signed to F. B. CHATTERTON (Frederick Balsir, 1834-1886, Theatre Manager and Impresario) thanking him “very cordially for your obliging note and enclosed photograph, and beg to assure you that when I visit London, which I am not likely to do very soon, I shall not omit to avail myself of your invitation to call on you...”, 2 sides sm. 8vo., with original autograph envelope, postmarked Cheltenham with a Penny Red, 6 Welington Square, Cheltenham, 29th October

Item Date:  1866
Stock No:  42451      £175

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MALCOLM (Sir Pulteney, 1768-1838, served under Nelson 1804-1805, C-in-C St Helena, 1816-1817, later Mediterranean)

Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, identified in pencil as B. S. Jones, sending “an addenda to the Paper which I gave you respecting the navigation by Steam to India, I go to day to Scotland but shall return to London the end of June, I shall be most happy to be useful in forwarding this desirable object - should you require any further information respecting the Steam Vessels - Mr Wm. Morgan is one of the most capable persons with whom I am acquainted to give you information and will attend you at any time you may desire. He lives at Minerva Cottage, New Cross...”, 2 sides 8vo., No. 2 Upper Harley Street, 21st of May no year

Item Date:  1830
Stock No:  41526      £575

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MANNIN (Ethel, 1900-1984, Travel Writer and Novelist)

Typed Letter Signed to the Frederick Staerck, thanking him for his letter and saying she is “glad you like ENGLAND MY ADVENTURE - a number of people seem to have done so, and to have liked it more than the previous two England books, ENGLAND FOR A CHANGE (1968) and ENGLAND AT LARGE (1970). I think perhaps the relating of places to people, as in the third book, does make it more interesting. My publishers would like me to do yet another book of this kind, this time going north of the Border, but though I like the Border country I don’t think I will, as being now old, I find all the travelling involved very tiring. And three is anyhow a nice round number, and completes a trilogy! As does the novel I had out on the day you wrote, MISSION TO BEIRUT, the third of the novels with Middle East background which began with THE MIDNIGHT STREET... based on the life and death of Gen. Qassim of Iraq and to which FREE PASS TO NOWHERE (1970) was a kind of sequel. I will write no more novels, now, with a Middle East setting... there was a novel with a mainly North West Frontier of India (now Pakistan) setting, THE CURIOUS ADVENTURE OF MAJOR FOSDICK. For the setting of the 1974 novel I am at present working on I’ve gone to an island off the West coast of Scotland...” ending with a note about the origin of her and her correspondent’s surnames, 1 side 4to., Oak Cottage, 27 Burghley Road headed paper, 3rd March

Item Date:  1973
Stock No:  42448      £125

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MARCONI (Guglielmo, 1874-1937, Italian Physicist & Electrical Engineer, Pioneer of Wireless)

Fine Typed Letter in Italian with translation Signed in full addressed to “Excellence The Great Admiral Duke Paolo THAON DE REVEL, C.SS.A.” (1859-1948, Italian Admiral and Navy Minister) thanking him for his letter about “the conferment of the honour of Officer of the Order of the Crown of Italy to the gentleman Edmund Wessermann, Treasurer of the National Academic Union. The interested party has been duly informed, and express your excellence the feeling of his sincere gratitude...”, 1 side 4to., Reale Accademia d’Italia headed paper, Rome, 23rd November

Item Date:  1932
Stock No:  39865      £675

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MARIA FEODOROVNA (Russian Empress, 1847-1928, wife of Tsar Alexander III, mother of Nicholas II) and her sister ALEXANDRA (of Denmark, 1844-1925, Queen of Edward VII)]

Delightful group photo signed by both and inscribed by Queen Alexandra “With very best wishes and thanks” on the mount, showing them seated together on the deck of the Royal Yacht Victoria and Albert, surrounded by a large group of people, some in uniform and some in civilian clothes with three young children seated cross-legged at the front, 8” x 10” in mount 13” x 11” in its original frame, no place, no date

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  10666      £2750

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