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GASKELL (Elizabeth Cleghorn, 1810-1865, Novelist, Author of 'Cranford')

Signature from the end of an Autograph Letter Signed with some text on the verso "I am most desirous .... the advantage of seeing ... much as I can of you ...", inscribed "yours truly", 3¼" x 1¼", no place, no date

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GREY (Sir George, 2nd Baronet, 1799-1882, Statesman, Home Secretary under Russell and Palmerston)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed to W. Booth Scott thanking him for his letter and "the Report sent with it which I have read with much interest. It confirms strongly the opinion I expressed in the House of Lords that if tram ways are to be laid down in the streets they should be so by some public authority and not by private companies. Your sketch of a plan for that purpose seems to me on the whole judicious, only that I should doubt the expediency of creating a new board to take charge of tramways in the Metropolis We have too many independent authorities in London already, & it seems to me that the Metropolitan Board of works would be the proper authority to be entrusted with the duty of deciding what tram ways ought to be laid down & of making such as might be found to be proper. I think the whole charge of maintaining the ordinary roads in the streets along which tram ways are laid down ought to be undertaken by the authority which has charge of them. Your calculation seems to show that there would be more than profit enough ...", 4 sides 8vo., 13 Carlton House Terrace, 14th February

Item Date:  1870
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HARDIE (J. Keir, 1856-1915, Scottish Politician, Founder of the Labour Party), J. Ramsay MACDONALD (1866-1937, Prime Minister) and John Edward REDMOND (1856-1918, Irish nationalist politician, barrister, and MP)

Collection of signatures on a page, probably from a birthday book, as Hardie has added the year of his birth, with the signatures of other MPs on the verso, 8" x 6", no place, no date

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HEGER (Robert, 1886-1978, German Conductor)

Postcard photo by 'Residenz Atelier, Wien', signed, showing him half length looking serious with his hand on his chin, 5½" x 3½", no place, no date, circa

Item Date:  1935
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HELENA (Augusta Victoria, 1846-1923, wife, 1866, of Prince Christian of Schleswig-Holstein, Princess, 3rd Daughter of Queen Victoria, founder of the Princess Christian Nursing Home)

Autograph Formal Note in the third person sending an instruction from her husband "Prince Christian has asked the Princess to let Mr Lawson know that the Prince wd. call to see him on Friday ...", 1 side 8vo, on headed paper with her "Helena" crested notepaper, Cumberland Lodge, 23rd March, no year

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