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NEWBOLT (Sir Henry John, 1862-1939, English Poet, Novelist and Historian)

Autograph Letter Signed to Norris thanking him for his invitation which "arrived while I was away in the Channel Fleet, and now my wife is away at Cambridge ... with a grown up daughter! But I have no doubt she will be very glad to accept and come over with me as soon as we can find a day ..." and saying that he will be in touch when they are free, 1 side 4to., Netherhampton House, Salisbury 17th June

Item Date:  1908
Stock No:  39589      £75

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NICHOLSON (Norman, 1914-1987, Poet associated with the Cumbrian town of Millom)

Typed Letter Signed with autograph amendments to Michael CULLUP (born 1934, Author) thanking him for sending him "a copy of your poems ... I've not yet read them all - though Andrew Young used to say that you should never thank anyone for a book until you'd read it! - but I've sampled enough to enjoy their precision and shapeliness, often indeed, elegance. They show, one again, Carcanet's sense for the real thing ... I've visited Norfolk a number of times - the last, five years ago, in the Buxton-North Walsham area, on what was to be the last holiday with my wife. She fell ill just after our return, and died a year later, of cancer, so that East Anglia has a poignancy ... which seems to suit its landscape ..." with a postscript about gatecrashing a party at George Macbeth's Old Vicarage with Anthony Thwaite, 2 sides oblong 8vo., 14 St George's Tce, Millon, 24th February

Item Date:  1986
Stock No:  39579      £75

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OSBORNE (John, 1929-1994, Dramatist, Author of 'Look Back in Anger')

Fine signature and date on his Compliments slip, 4½" x 4", no place, 15th May sellotaped under the signature

Item Date:  1983
Stock No:  39586      £75

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PITTER (Ruth, 1897-1992, British poet, 1st woman to receive the Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry in 1955)

Autograph Letter Signed to Michael CULLUP (born 1934, Author) saying that she is "very old and tired (shall be 100 in 1997 if spared, which Heaven forbid. Your poems are not at all bad, except for gloom and despondency - indeed very vivid here & there - some striking epithets (like Lydia Bennett's bonnet, there are plenty worse in the shop). Somehow I do not think your work has 'bottomed out' yet. Keep it up - never despair ... If you have a pocket magnifying glass, try looking at the flowers of a few very small weeds - I am not making fun of you - they are most eloquent. 'The yellow toadflax said 'be still', I see the Powers, They see me' ...", 2 sides 8vo., 71 Chilton Road, Aylesbury, 17th March

Item Date:  1986
Stock No:  39584      £125

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RISTORI (Adelaide, 1822-1906, Italian Tragedienne)

Autograph sentiment in Italian Signed in full "Adelaide Ristori del Grillo" on a piece of paper 7" x 4¼", Manchester, 11th November

Item Date:  1873
Stock No:  39596      £125

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