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ELIZABETH II (b. 1926, Queen of Great Britain) & her sister MARGARET (Rose, 1930-2002, Princess, Sister of Queen Elizabeth II, Countess of Snowdon)

Christmas gift tag written by Margaret "To Edward" and signed by both the young Princesses in an immature hand, 4¾" x 3¾" on ivory card, Sandringham, Norfolk headed card, no date, circa

Item Date:  1940
Stock No:  39362      £750

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[FARADAY (Michael, 1791-1867, Chemist & Physicist)]

Fine unsigned Carte-de-visite Portrait Photograph, by John Watkins, showing him head and shoulders, full face, wearing a bow tie, 4" x 2½", no place, no date, circa

Item Date:  1860
Stock No:  39336      £175

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FITZROY (Robert, 1805-1865, Vice-Admiral, Hydrographer & Meteorologist, travelled & wrote with Darwin, invented the Fitzroy Barometer & Weather Forecasts)

Fine Signature from an Autograph Letter signed with the words "on European" on the verso, 3" x 1", no place, no date

Item Date:  1857
Stock No:  39350      £100

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[FRANCK César-Auguste-Jean-Guillaume-Hubert, 1822-1890, Composer, Pianist, organist, and Music Teacher who worked in Paris)]

Fine unsigned cabinet photo by Pierre Petit showing him half length in semi profile, 6½" x 4¼", no place but Paris, no date, circa

Item Date:  1870
Stock No:  39338      £250

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[FRANZ JOSEF I (1830-1916, Emperor of Austria, King of Hungary, his attack on Serbia in 1914 started World War I)]

Unsigned carte de visite photo showing him as a young man, full length in profile, wearing uniform and a cap with his hand on his sword hilt, 3¾" x 2½", no date, circa

Item Date:  1860
Stock No:  39339      £95

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