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SHEPARD (Ernest Howard, 1879-1976, Illustrator of "Winnie the Pooh")

Fine Autograph Letter Signed to Leif Dahlberg and his wife thanking them "very much for your kindness in sending the 'Svenskav'. Such a lovely book full of charming photographs of the people and places in your country ...", 1 side 8vo., Woodmancote, Lodsworth, nr Petworth headed paper, 10th July slight smudging around 'good wishes'

Item Date:  1970
Stock No:  40697      £175

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Fine Autograph Letter Signed to 'Dear Madam' thanking her for "The Animal Friend" with "the pretty photographs of the privileged & happy animals under your control. I take it that you are standing at the door. I am glad that the reproduction of the 'First Sight of the Cross' has come so well & hope it will be very useful. The illustration of the ... at the pump is by my son who is a very able animal painter & a great lover of them too. I wish the words 'not to be sold' were more generally used. The exportation of our old and crippled mares to the continent is a scandal. I think that the English are the only real lovers of animals, but alas, that we have so many vivisectors amongst us ...", 3 sides 8vo., Wadhurst, 1st February

Item Date:  1910
Stock No:  40674      £75

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TOWNSHEND (Charles, 2nd Viscount, 1674-1738, Statesman, Agriculturist and Lord President of the Council)

Fine signature on the bottom half of a Warrant Document addressed to Edward HUGHES (died 1734, Politician, Judge Advocate General of the Army from 1714) on the other side there are instructions relating to Courts Martial, "any Misdemeanor or Misbehaviour of any Officer or Soldier against the Rules of Military Discipline which Courts Martial are to Consist of Officers of such Rank and Quality, as are by the said Act of Parliament directed, who are to be of Our Regiments of Foot Guards, or of such other Regiments, as can be conveniently Summon'd to attend the same. And We do hereby appoint the Field Officers of Our Three Regiments of Foot Guards to be from time to time Presidents of the said Courts Martial, who are to take it in their turn, first beginning with the Eldest ...", 2 half sides folio, Court at Kensington, 28th July

Item Date:  1727
Stock No:  40678      £125

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[VICTORIA (1819-1901, Queen of Great Britain)]

Fine unsigned Jubilee cabinet photo by Gunn & Stuart showing the Queen head and shoulders in profile resting her chin on her wrist and looking thoughtful, "Photographed by Royal Command at Buckingham Palace in the 60th year of her reign", 6½" x 4¼", London,

Item Date:  1897
Stock No:  40682      £175

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WILLIAM IV (1765-1837, King of Great Britain)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed as King 'William R' to an unnamed correspondent saying that as The Mediterranean Fleet are leaving he is sending "a letter for my son Augustus ... and hope Adolphus is on his passage on board the Glasgow ... in the event of Captain Markham being detained I wish you to send him home in the first Navy vessel that is returning; Adolphus has served his time I am anxious for his passing at the Naval College that he be made a Lieutenant without loss of time: as for Augustus under your flag ... he cannot be better for those three years: only give him as much sea work as possible .. the whole world is in such a critical state that no human foresight can conjecture what is or may happen; looking back to when we were Midshipmen what extraordinary changes have taken place. I do not like the present aspect ... I make no doubt your conduct will be that of a prudent and able officer: the Cabinets of the different great powers have immense responsibility thrown on them. I will not further take up your time which must be fully occupied. I hope Lady Thane is quite well and not very unhappy that hitherto her residence abroad has not been the most agreeable and I am sadly afraid not likely to become more amusing for the present ...", 3 sides 4to., with a note on the final sheet that "The Duke of Clarence answered in March 1821", St James, 4th February

Item Date:  1821
Stock No:  40698      £275

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