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ANDERSON (Mary, de Navarro, 1859-1940, American Actress, friend of Wilde)

Autograph Letter Signed in her married name (‘de Navarro’) to Mr Broadfield sending him “the medals and another picture for you! Abbot Forquet was to be here today but is ill I hear - now the Stenbrook nuns say he is to be with them on the 13th and he is supposed to come on to us from there. How will he manage your meeting... I only hope he will soon be better. Send me please enough of the programmes to be sent to friends in town...””, 2 sides 8vo., Court Farm, Broadway, Worcestershire, no date

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Stock No:  42394      £55

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ARLISS (George, 1868-1946, Stage Actor, best known as ‘Disraeli’)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed to Cooper-Hunt telling him that he has rung “Miss Butcher and told her I had hear of her illness and your treatment, and congratulated her on her improvement and her bravery. Of course I did not say you had told me to do it. She was very pleased I think and said that our little conversation would be most helpful to her... Thank you for the newspaper cutting, they have very much abbreviated my remarks, but no doubt that is all to the good...”, 2 sides 8vo., George Arliss headed paper, Dalrington, Prory Road, 5th March

Item Date:  1941
Stock No:  42393      £250

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ARMSTRONG (Louis, 1900-1971, “Satchmo”, American Jazz Trumpeter & Bandleader)

Fine Signature inscribed “Best wishes from” and dated on a card, 5” x 3½”, no place, 18th April

Item Date:  1934
Stock No:  42405      £275

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ARNOLD (Sir Edwin, 1832-1904, Journalist & Poet, interpreter of Buddhism to the West)

Chraming Original Watercolour signed showing a bird and a snake on a tree, 7” x 5”, no place, no date

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Stock No:  42409      £125

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ASQUITH (Herbert Henry, Earl of Oxford & Asquith, 1852-1928, Prime Minister)

Autograph Formal Letter in the third person saying that “The Chancellor of the Exchequer will have the honour of dining with the Lord May & Lady Mayoress... Mrs Asquith is unfortunately prevented by ill health from coming with him...”, 2 sides 8vo., 20 Cavendish Square, headed paper, no date

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Stock No:  42410      £150

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