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[MARIE (1875-1938, Princess of Great Britain, daughter of Alfred, Duke of Edinburgh, and Queen of Ferdinand I of Romania)]

Fine unsigned original photo showing her head and shoulders as a young woman, wearing a white dress and pearls, 5½" x 4", no place, no date, circa

Item Date:  1893
Stock No:  40351      £165

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[MAUD (1869-1938, Queen of Norway) with her mother, ALEXANDRA (of Denmark, 1844-1925, his Queen), and her sisters LOUISE (1867-1931, Princess Royal, Duchess of Fife) & VICTORIA ALEXANDRA (1868-1935, Princess) together with the oldest bridesmaid's daughter and flowergirl Lady Alexandra DUFF (1891-1959, created a Princess in 1905 by her grandfather Edward VII)

Charming unsigned souvenir Photo showing the bride full length, surrounded by her mother, sisters and niece, 4" x 2½", no place, (Buckingham Palace), no date but 22nd July

Item Date:  1896
Stock No:  40363      £125

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MEGHAN (Markle, Duchess of Sussex, born 1981, American born wife of Prince Harry, Former Actress)

Glamorous Photo Signed showing her seated on a stool, with her legs crossed, with her hand on her throat, together with a copy of the invitation to her wedding, 10" x 8", no place, no date

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  40341      £175

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MONTGOMERY (Lucy Maud, 1874-1942, Canadian Novelist, published as L. M. Montgomery)

Fine Long Autograph Letter Signed with her married name "L. M. Montgomery Macdonald" to 'Dear Gladys' (Gladys Mary Wilson, Baroness Wilson of Rievaulx, 1916-2018, Poet and wife of Sir Harold Wilson) thanking her for her "charming letter. I always regret deeply that, since my 'fan' mail is so enormous and since I am an exceedingly busy person, I can answer all the delightful letters that come to me from all over the world only by a brief note ... I am very glad my stories have given you pleasure and I would be glad if you could recommend them to your friends ... so many people seem to be under the impression that my books are only for children! I'm glad you like Emily because she is my own favourite. She is purely a creation of my imagination but a good deal of my own inner life in childhood and girlhood went into her. Yes indeed I do know that feeling of despair very well. Everything I've ever written was a disappointment to me. It never came up to the conception I wanted to write out. When my first book was published I really had a 'thrill' but since I've had sixteen published it has become rather a matter of course. I am greatly interested to hear you could 'see' the paper as Emily did. I have always had that knack and I never met another living soul who did -or ever heard of one until about four years ago a girl of 18 in far away New Zealand wrote to me and told me she could do it and that her sister had once been able to but, like you, had lost the knack or power as she grew older. All this is really exciting and gives me such a nice feeling that you and she and I ... must be related in some way - survivors perhaps of some tribe of faery almost extinct now. I am middle-aged but I have never lost the knack. Sometimes I forget it for years and when I remember it I can always do it again. It's really very curious and I have never found any explanation ... your letter ... went to my old home Prince Edward Island ... I often go back to my dear Island ...", 8 sides 8vo., The Manse, Ontario, 20th January

Item Date:  1931
Stock No:  40345      £4250

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[MOUNTBATTEN (Lord Leopold, 1889-1922, son of Prince Henry of Battenberg and Princess Beatrice, Grandson of Queen Victoria)

Unsigned postcard photograph by Hughes and Mullins, reproduced by the Rotary Co. showing him three quarters length, seated, looking straight at the camera, 5½" x 3½", no place,no date, circa

Item Date:  1910
Stock No:  40365      £75

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