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BERNHARDT (Sarah, 1844-1923, Actress 'The Divine Sarah')

Fine cabinet photo by W & D Downey, signed over a printed signature, showing her three quarters length looking up with her hands clasped under her chin, wearing an empire line dress, 6½" x 4¼", no place, no date, circa

Item Date:  1900
Stock No:  39573      £325

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BISMARCK (Otto von, 1815-1898, Prusso-German Statesman, Prince, 'The Iron Chancellor')

Clerk Written Letter Signed, in German with translation to Eduard Heinrich the Telegraph Supervisor telling him that his holiday pass has been cancelled and informing him "on the part of the Royal Embassy that your home leave pass has been denied by the Royal Interior Office and that is as a result of the circulated order by the Minister of Interior and War from the 30th April of this year according to which, until further notice, passes for foreign countries, home leave passes and discharge certificates may not be granted for the military or the territorial forces conscripted Prussian subjects ...", 1 side folio, Royal Prussian Embassy, St Petersburg headed paper, 8th June

Item Date:  1859
Stock No:  39180      £750

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BOTTOMLEY (Gordon, 1874-1948, Poet)

2nd and final page of a long Autograph Letter signed to Joseph LEFTWICH (1892-1983, Critic and Translator into English of Yiddish Literature) saying that "we had half a dozen copies from various places ... This in itself was interesting, and made us hope that an unexplored pocket of material existed somewhere, so we felt we must get into touch with its unauthorised reprinter, and Mrs Wynick wrote to the publishers of 'Colour' to enquire. Some time had passed, however ... and they replied that they had forgotten who sent it in to them and that they could not trace anything ... it was obviously a good poem, and not to be omitted from his war-record. 'Colour' seems to me to blame all through. Though the text of the book has been left in my hands entirely, Mr Laurence Binyon has been my principal in all matters connected with it. I feel I must consult him in this dilemma, and as he is holiday-making in France I must wait ... perhaps you will be indulgent to any delay ... I am greatly interested to know of your connexion with Rosenberg, and still more obliged by you offer to lend me your diary containing your notes on him. Some time when I am in London I will take the opportunity of seeing you and talking with you further about this and perhaps I had better not put you to more immediate trouble ... there is not likely to be an early chance of adding to Mr Binyon's memoir, and the opportunity of writing further on Rosenberg is dependent on his book maintaining and enlarging the present interest in him. Possibly the easiest way of putting your material to serviceable use might be for you to write a 'Critical Kit-Kat' from your notes ...", 2 sides 8vo., no place, no date

Item Date:  0
Stock No:  39590      £125

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CAUSLEY (Charles, 1917-2003, Cornish Poet, Schoolmaster and Writer)

Typed Letter Signed 'Charles' with autograph salutation and subscription to 'Dear Vernon' thanking him for his letter "about the piece in the Times Ed. I don't do much reviewing but was delighted at the chance of doing this one. Your book is a fine & honest & very moving one (if I may say so, yet again) and I hope it goes well - it certainly deserves to, and I'm glad to see that other reviewers seem to think the same. Maybe Jeremy would bring out all your autobiographical things in one book? It'd make a splendid collection. And I'm glad the poems are alongside the prose, too. Great that instead of falling-off (as I guess we're supposed to) you're very positively falling-on. Strength to your arm! ...", 1 side oblong 8vo., 2 Cyprus Well, Launceston, 14th November

Item Date:  1987
Stock No:  39578      £150

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CETEWAYO (1826-1884, King of the Zulu Kingdom)

Fine unsigned carte-de-visite photograph showing him head and shoulders full face wearing a tightly buttoned jacket and a hat, titled "Taken at Natal before his departure to England", 4" x 2½", no place, not date but July

Item Date:  1882
Stock No:  38773      £175

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