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ARTHUR (Duke of Connaught, 1850-1942, Son of Queen Victoria, Governor General of Canada)

Enormous sepia photo signed and dated, showing him head and shoulders, wearing a naval cap, and sporting a fine moustache, 12” x 7½”, no place, June slightly yellowed

Item Date:  1896
Stock No:  9426      £275

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BRUNEL (Isambard Kingdom, 1806-1859, Engineer, Designer of the Clifton Suspension Bridge)

Fine Autograph Letter signed to an unnamed correspondent saying that the “statement of Mr White requesting an arrangement with us as to Mr Cholmondley’s kind is quite correct...”, 1 side 8vo., Great Western Railway headed paper, 18 Duke Street, Westminster, 12th May

Item Date:  1857
Stock No:  42457      £1250

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DISRAELI (Benjamin, Earl of Beaconsfield, 1804-1881, Prime Minister and Novelist)

Fine Autograph Letter Signed with initial ‘D’ to H. Drummond, saying that he has “little doubt that his Lordship is himself the correspondent of the ‘Post’ - If I remember right it is not the first time that his Manifestos have appeared in the journal...” returning his letters “& the copy of his resolutions - When Chaos comes, & we have an opportunity of creating order we may set about working in this way, at present we must be less methodical, a little more bungling & practical...”, 4 sides 8vo., Grosvenor Gate, 4th May n.y., annotated in another hand,

Item Date:  1849
Stock No:  6020      £950

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DORÉ (Gustave, 1832-1882, French Illustrator, Etcher and Painter)

Autograph Letter Signed with initials, in French with translation, to ‘My dear Leleux’
saying that he “did not sleep after reading your letter, on the contrary. And to reward you for the pleasure your words have given to me, I send you a copy of an epitaph found in a cemetery in the Vosges department, the beginning of which have just brightened up Lundi society: I respect the document, ‘here lies truly missing lady C.P. wife of Mr S.P.’ This lady born for the trade, at the age of 19 before her marriage alone holding the part of the draperies. Shortly after, she brought together other branches which stopped with her, her work occupying her night and day, her desires to acquire the esteem and confidence of everyone by her behaviour. His life was courageous in his travels, firm in his projects, bold in his expeditions, but too sensitive to aggravating circumstances. Her life was cut short and she ended her career on June 6, 1822 without having made any mistake in her life. That’s all! With much respect and friendship around you...”, 2 sides 8vo.,

Item Date:  1871
Stock No:  40623      £475

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DOYLE (Sir Arthur Conan, 1859-1930, Creator of ‘Sherlock Holmes’)

Autograph postcard signed, to James Smith Esq telling him that “my own collection is very complete. My query was whether you wished to expose it for sale at the exhibition. If you do I would set a price. Perhaps you would wire me at 15 Buckingham Palace Mansions SW for the catalogue (with prices) is being prepared. Perhaps you would be wise to withhold at present...”, 1 side postcard with autograph address on the verso, Windlesham, Crowborough headed card, postmarked London, 21st January

Item Date:  1924
Stock No:  42462      £575

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