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[ALEXANDRA (of Denmark, 1844-1925, his Queen), with her daughter LOUISE (1867-1931, Princess)]

Delightful unsigned carte de visite photo by Downey showing the the young mother with her daughter on her back, 4" x 2½", no place, no date,

Item Date:  1867
Stock No:  39432      £75

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[ALEXEI (1904-1918, The Tsarevitch, Assassinated with his family after the Revolution)]

Charming original unsigned postcard photograph showing the tsarevitch playing with his dog Joy, in the summer of 1916 at the Tsar's headquarters, the boy is full length in profile, dressed in military uniform, with the dog jumping up to him, 5½" x 3½", no place, no date circa

Item Date:  1916
Stock No:  39439      £175

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[ALFRED (Duke of Edinburgh & Saxe-Coburg Gotha, 1844-1900, 2nd Son of Queen Victoria, Admiral of the Fleet, General of the Prussian Army) & his wife MARIE (1853-1900, Daughter of Alexander II Emperor of Russia)]

Very fine pair of unsigned real photos showing them both half length, he is seated in profile with his hands on his umbrella and she is standing at a balcony wearing a black dress with a white frill, each 5½" x 3¾", laid down on photographer's card, no place, no date, circa

Item Date:  1880
Stock No:  39436      £250

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ALLENBY (Edmund Henry, 1st Viscount, 1861-1936, Soldier, Field Marshal, High Commissioned in Egypt)

Small collection of 2 Autograph Letter Signed 'Allenby' to Hampson GARY, (1873-1952, American Diplomat) "My dear Gary", the first telling him that his "welcome letter of 23rd April reached me today, and I am very grateful for your kind congratulations ... Mabel & I are just back after a week or so of sunshine in the South of Spain, and are both well. We have not been to any distant countries in the past winter. We often talk of our visit to you and recall old times. We live in the hope that someday again fortune may lead us to your hospitable shores ...", 1st August no year, the second telling him that he was "away, most of the Winter; and I don't think I ever thanked you for 'Tide Water Virginia' the book you sent me last December. Though late, my thanks are none the less sincere. Mabel and I had a 2 months tour in India, & on our way home, spent a week in Egypt ... renewing many old acquaintances & friendships ...", 6th August no year, each 2 sides large 8vo., both from 24 Wetherby Gardens, SW5, together with 2 Autograph Letters Signed by his wife Mabel (nee Chapman, 1899-1942), to Mrs Gary, the first to "Dear Mrs Gary" saying that she had forgotten to mention "that we have a maid travelling with us & we shall be bringing her to Washington. I do hope this mayn't be very inconvenient ..." and saying she is looking forward to their visit, 3 sides 8vo.,15th October, Fairmont Hotel headed paper, the second to "Dear Helen" thanking her for "getting me those lovely N. cards & photogaphs of Washington ..." and giving general news, 4 sides 8vo., 28th December, 24 Wetherby Gardens, both

Item Date:  1928
Stock No:  39404      £525

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ALLENBY (Edmund Henry, 1st Viscount, 1861-1936, Soldier, Field Marshal, High Commissioned in Egypt)

Autograph Envelope Signed with inital 'A' to Hampson GARY, (1873-1952, American Diplomat) in Washington D.C. delivered by hand in London, with the date added in another hand, 19th August

Item Date:  1929
Stock No:  39411      £35

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